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  1. So far so good with LE Bane version and LRG patch. Only one thing, not sure if it's a setting thing or not but in the MCM I have "All Down" selected for the PC settings....where the PC and followers must be knocked down individually. The thing is, when the PC is knocked down the followers are still up, but, it only takes one hit to knock them down. Is this a setting thing somewhere? I'd rather they go down fighting. thanks
  2. Installed the LE Bane version and LRG patch for the first successful time, it installed whereas past versions would not. Seems to work except for creatures. Cant surrender to so far dogs/wolves. When defeated by reiklings, they are erect while on bleedout, but when the animation starts they are re-clothed. Any idea? I re-applied in CF as they would tell me. ******EDIT*** Uh, never mind. Upon returning back to the game and combating reiklings again and surrendering the animations with creature parts plays...weird
  3. Is there a mod that applies slave tats to the PC and followers after being assaulted, where you can pick what is used....face and body? Thanks
  4. I have yet to use Banes, as I can never get it to install. Some other patches (Osmel Tweaks) made by various authors and even Baka's stand alone Defeat. Where I hear things seem to fall short and where Baka's/Osmel falls short is when it comes to Followers being assaulted. On the original Defeat...I have the "player get's Necro'd" mod and even when the PC is killed off, followers on bleed out still get assaulted, and later killed (due to my settings). This won't happen on modified versions of Defeat. My hope is some of the modified versions could preserve this function. Up to now, I have to keep using the original Defeat, which is fine, it's missing some cool new functions. But I like the idea of Followers and being assaulted in that context
  5. Question on the Orc Whiterun. How many times do you have to be assaulted by the orcs (where they come to your home) before the title shows up "Orc Toy"?. Just once or multiple? Is there anything beyond them showing up to your home? Not sure what changes whether you give in to them or fight back and kill them Thx
  6. Is there a mod that would use voice for werewolves? I'm not aware of one. Thanks, awesome sound
  7. Damn Funny, bad ass as usual! What are you using for the overweight male bodies, that's awesome
  8. I suppose a silly question but, where can I use or install this at?
  9. I use HDT AIO. So far no issues....but should I overwrite AIO with Naturalistic HDT 3.68?
  10. It's weird, playing this mod on LE and getting it to fully function almost seems random. When I start a new game and after character selection sometimes I get the installing messages on dialogue and sometimes partial messages and sometimes not at all. It seems like if I don't get the "BaboLoanSharks, Babodialogue MCM Started, Babodialogue initialized, Current BaboDialogue Version 4.2, BaboMCMReset System Rebooting, BaboDialogue Cleaning then I'll have to quit and start a new game again until I get all messages. BTW, am I missing any startup install messages that I should be seen on a new game?
  11. Thank you so much for teaching me something new!
  12. Thank you for the reply. I have limited experience of CK, I've only selected followers from the "Data" menu, changed their voices, and essential status. What is the first thing I do when I open up CK? Do I select something from the Data File, or go somewhere else? Thanks
  13. Does this happen for everyone, or just the PC?
  14. Looking for a Invisible body Armor mod that takes up slot 32
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