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  1. Anyone managed to make something like this for UUNP ? Preferably with PE in mind. Even the LE version of this one seems dead
  2. You can define all these factors in the MCMs. Arousal can be set 'to trigger' from 'being around naked NPCs - either by LOS (line of sight), or by physical distance. You can set specific clothing items (internally dictated by item slots), to be seen as "nakedness" (thus becoming a trigger) ... There are several versions of some of these mods, some allow you to further define whether specific clothing items should be seen as being "slooty" or some degree of partially naked (again triggering arousal). Or seen as being high value/respectable/noble clothing - which can trigger other mechanisms - like how NPCs will treat you/talk to you. Sexy Slooty Illegal Respectable Ragged High-Heels Bikini (can also depend on the mods installed) For instance, the mod Horrible Harassment hooks into those settings. The arousal levels needed for these behaviors to trigger, can be set in the MCMs as well. Some settings are found in Schlongs of Skyrim's - some in SLA's MCM (aka SexlabAroused.esm), and so forth. Whether witnessing sex acts should be a trigger can also be defined (if i remember correctly), but there are also other mods which implement specific events that can be triggered by that scenario. "I've got SOS enabled in SLAX, but I've never seen it trigger." Depending on the mods in use and assuming the install/load order is correct - it's all a matter of defining these triggers and levels in the MCMs. Also the Player and NPC's sexuality is a factor. So if your Player has a schlong and you want attraction (and arousal) between you and a specific NPC - make sure your sexuality matches each other. For a Male with a Schlong - to animate with a Female - both should be Straight or Bi. For a Female with a Schlong/Strapon - to animate with a female - both should be Gay or Bi. -etc etc. For lesbian animations without schlongs, both can be set as females. Otherwise you'll mostly or entirely get "penetration sex animations" and no Lesbian animations (tribbing, etc) If a schlong/strapon is toggled on and you want "penetration sex animations" - set the one with the schlong/strapon - as a Male (in the MCM of Sexlab.esm) (In other words giving her the male role - (if it's a female and you want her to penetrate the partner), - this setting doesn't affect any other aspects of the game in general. NPCs won't start considering her a male. [Just adding this because it has confused me in the past a few times] Those roles just define what set of animations the framework hooks into in the given situation. Some mods have their own similar parameters for this, which can be defined - they might override whatever the (Sexlab Framework MCM) is set to btw. With the mod 'Sexlab Attraction' you can define - 'Overall attractiveness' and whether or not 'Wealth', 'Race', 'Height', 'Weight', etc - should affect attraction also
  3. Place part 001 002 and 003 in the same folder. Then right-click on part 001 and pick "Extract Here"
  4. This confuses me. Does the Cosio body also have UNP textures available somewhere? I thought Cosio was close to 100% CBBE only ?
  5. The Manipulator by ffabris Also has a similar feature for editing NPCs (similar to EFF's Cosmetic function) I know this a few months old. But felt like adding it in case someone else finds this thread in their search
  6. Aha, interesting OK. Yes that could work I'm not very familiar beyond reading bits of logs and tracing bugs and such. I'd say my Papyrus skill level is nonexistent. But everybody has to start somewhere Perhaps there's something similar already in existence I could deconstruct. I will ponder on it and see what I can do. Thank you for replying, Seijin8 ! ()
  7. Has there been any success at achieving anything like this? I seek a way of making an NPC's head tracking the 'Camera / Screen / Viewport / or whatever the correct term would be. The ideal would be: The ability to make a chosen NPC's gaze, stick to the player's viewport, as in, head-tracking the Fly-Cam (after using the TFC command) So wherever I move my Fly Cam, the NPC will be head tracking the screen Would this be difficult to do?
  8. Adding film grain and sepia (or whatever those effects are) on "showcasing-videos" - only makes it harder to see what a mod is about / looks like. Especially for "Replacers" that are solely visual modifications. Mod looks interesting btw
  9. This mod has soooo much potential. I really hope you keep on developing it. And thanks for sharing
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