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Need a Download forum for "Sequences".


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1 hour ago, OysterMug said:

Topic says it all. We need a Download forum for "Sequences".


We could also use one for Voicesets/Audio/Music.



A new audio etc thread can be found in the Addons topic.

And i have just created a Sequences topic so fill 'r up!


@ all: requests like this can be sent by Personal Message to me or K17. No need to start a new thread.



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8 minutes ago, OysterMug said:

I just realized/discovered that I previously uploaded a bunch of files to the earlier version of the LL site that listed itself as "The Official Klub Exile Portal".


Is there a way to move these pages to the current site without the "Klub Exile" name? ? I'm updating my "uploads" list and no longer wish to be associated with the name.



I dont think so. It's certainly not something in my moderator bag of tools.  We can only moderate our own club.
I dont think you have many options but to delete them and repost them here.


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