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Sim Can't find valid partners except through "Offer Body"

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I have Wicked Whims, MCCC, Wicked Perversions (and required mods).


At some point, my prostitute stopping finding appropriate partners in the sex options.  If I choose random, it only sees her as a viable partner.  I know the sex animations work because they are used for "Offer body" which is having few, if any, issues (mostly having issues in public venues which could be unrelated).


I've tried resetting the Wicked Whims to defaults, restarting the software, and restarting the computer, but no luck.  I'm worried about uninstalling mods as they are integral to my sim (most of her traits are part of the WP mod, I think).


I'm not sure what to do...

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10 hours ago, aawhystine said:

I'm not sure what to do...

WW has to be set up and functioning properly first or WP might not work correctly.


WW Settings/Sex Settings/Autonomy Settings/Autonomy Intensity: Extreme

(It's just a button, not a switch, used to flip some other WW settings to make WW Sex less restrictive).



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