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Mount & Blade Warband mods?

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I picked up Warband a while ago and as much fun as it is, I was curious about the modding community for it. The big recommendation seems to be the Floris Pack but looking at it it doesn't seem very clear what exactly it's adding.


Other than that one, does anyone have suggestions for the best mods to use? What are people's "must-haves"?

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My personal  would be dickplomacy+CTT is a Native+ mod so is the best for purists, as you most likely notice, you can't have a bunch of mods at the same time, in fact, just one module at a time, No idea from where you can get it now tho, used to be on nexus.


 From here you can get Dickplomazon is a little too buggy and the dev dissapeared, you can find a lot more on nexus and modb, good luck.

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