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Creating a goat hating follower.

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Just an interesting concept I had for a follower. Someone who grew up on a farm and was traumatized by the resident goats there. She's grown up and is determined to kill every goat she sees (why goats? I always found the death sound amusing so I have traditionally killed every goat I see in-game ever since).


So I have a follower created and equipped her with a steel warhammer. I set up a faction to mark goats as the enemy to be eliminated and added it to her. Everything is good while she is unrecruited - her pathological hatred of all goat-kind is a sight to see. However I would like her to retain that behavior when she is recruited by the player, but am at a loss as to how to override the default behavior where she won't attack anything unless they are an enemy of the player (and I don't want every goat to turn into a drooling head-butting psychopath whenever the player is nearby).


TLDR: Please help my follower below to become the goat hating psychopath that she is while recruited by the player.



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Followers inherit aggression from the player while theyre with you. What isnt an enemy to you isnt an enemy to the follower either and vice versa


To make followers actively engage Combat without your command and with enemies that arent hostile to you as the player directly, youd need a scan to fetch those actors and use a script to enforce bomat

Most responsive & lightweight approach to this would probably be a cloak, though idk how far you want to take this idea of yours



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Appreciate the response.


Yep, the whole teammate concept really screws up a bunch of follower-related mods that I want to do. Can't determine which follower killed someone as any incoming kill events from the story manager specify the player as the killer. And now this. I was trying to avoid the cloaking spell idea due to script load, but might need to figure something out along those lines.

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