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Is there any mod or spell to make NPC/Follower to redress?

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same as topic,


I do have some clothes with vagina collisions.

So I want my follower to have those clothes during the animation/sex.

I did know the sexlab setting could disable it but sometimes is still happened.

Despite to "trade" with those follower to let she put her clothes on, I like to know is there mod or spells to make the naked NPC/Follower to redress.


thank you.


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So redress but you also mention keeping certain clothes during animations, two different things. The redress part is automatic once the animation finishes. For keeping clothing equipped, Sexlab has two ways to determine which items get removed or not during SL animations. In the Sexlab MCM check:

  • Timers & Stripping: you can determine which slots are stripped on each actor. Note that there are separate lists for foreplay, consensual and aggressive animations.
  • Strip Item Editor: here you can fine tweak individual items on the player character and the NPC you're targeting (I think it's the one under your crosshair at the time of opening the MCM, otherwise it should be a close NPC or the last one involved in an animation, can't remember right now). You can define if you want these items to be always stripped, never stripped or leave them as default (so they're handled by the previous stripping per item slot method). 
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