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animation issue

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hey guys, so for the last little while i've been having animation issues, in that the actors no longer line up properly, and during certain animations, the females lower body seems to... shift? back and forth randomly. I have no sliders that i'm aware of, i tried to search for sliders in the keywords and variations of it and nothing pops up. 


Also, not sure if this is related, but for some reason, some females bust and butt are larger than they should be, as if there IS a slider installed, but I cant find one in my folder. I haven't downloaded anything new in awhile aside from some updates on existing mods, so im wondering if anyone has any idea what could cause this? is there a common skin, or overlay or something that would do this? is there a slider thats named something completely different and gives no indication its a slider? Im at a bit of a loss now

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8 hours ago, bearmang said:

is there a slider thats named something completely different and gives no indication its a slider? Im at a bit of a loss now

Think some of them are called presets or body presets like Dumbaby.

Some might be defaults too and have something named Butts or ?.


Look in CAS when you edit one of them in the face details or body details.

You know the area where it shows EA body presets.


Sometimes the problem comes from something hidden inside a merged package that you downloaded and often from custom sims you downloaded.

People will merge a bunch of included cc makeup, and other things that don't belong into one file with a vague description in the file name.

It can also happen just from downloading cc from some places and get a hold of something that was merged.


You might have to do the 50/50 mod/cc removal method to find it.

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Ahhh so i did a few more searches just to see what came up, see if i missed anything. I did have one called B.C butts package which i deleted, and one default body but i dont think that specific one was an issue and i had it long before these started popping up, but trying it anyway. Other than that, the only presets I have are things like lips and nose but I'll go through CAS later today when I can and just see if i can see anything else. Otherwise I'll do the long and tedious 50/50 method.



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