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Which mod makes me lust addicted?

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My character has a large debuff to speech (-140!!!), skills and damage, called "addiction" from "lust". Also on the topof my screen I see "lust 100". I do not understand which mod causes that, because I want to turn this function off — my character had sex and nothing has changed. Maybe anybody could help? I don't understand how to find the cause.

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9 minutes ago, Gukahn said:

By not just installing everything that's shiny and actual read the descriptions?

That problem appeared suddenly with a modpack that I haven't changed for a long time. Previously everything was fine.

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20 hours ago, Monoman1 said:


help "spell name"

first two digits of the number is the load order index of the mod that sourced the spell. May not necessarily be the mod that actually added the spell but usually it is. 

Thank you, found it! And found how to fix through MCM

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