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{Search} looking for Seperate souls (ghosts) from bodies spell

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Just curious in all the mods out there, have you ever seen a spell where..

you cast in on a dead NPC.
It raises the ghost of the NPC... (not the groaning body of  a regular zombie, but the actual ethereal/blue ghost)

Not necessarily making them into temprorary followers or helpers in battle either... they just kindof stand / walk around in blissful neutrality... (though i suppose if you attack them again they might fight back?)

That's kind of it.  /shrug..

I know there is one tied to sexlab and necro stuff...  while i like that particular mod, here im not looking for the SL, and im wanting the ghost to be permanent.. not just there for a quick animation and then gone...


Admittedly, once you separate soul from body- it might be nice in a future? mod  to be able to judge the soul... do you send it to solestheim or soul cairn?  


* not that it matters in relation to iff such a spell already exists, but im looking at "unarmed (and probably slutty) cleric"  not necessarily a "necromancer playing with dead bodies"  but more of a "redemptive" thingy.../shrug

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