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Looking for a physics driven sex games.

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Back in the old days I remember playing these interactive flash games where depending on how you moved/clicked on the character would make them react differently. You could trigger various responses such as pleasuring/tickling/annoying them based on your inputs. I really miss that intimate interactive feedback of those flash games and I'm very much not interested in cut scene viewers that seem to be the most popular today. A game called Virt-a-mate is pretty close to what I'm looking but couldn't get it working so I'm looking for alternatives. Something with physics where I can physically interact with characters in unexpected ways and if they can respond emotively the better. Thanks in advance.

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5 minutes ago, Imperialnord said:

Not many out there like that anymore. But I recently played "Pieces of my Heart" on steam. It's a puzzle hentai game with scenes close to what you're describing when you complete the puzzles for each lady . 


Although the interaction is kinda the same for each char with a few differences. 

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