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  1. Time for me to come back! Well I have been quite busy these days.....
  2. So for unpacking file, you will need gust_tools, and g1m_tools for model. You might need other software just for converting files or for texture/ model editting. But those are at your choice.
  3. hey sorry, was busy and didnt get a chance to reply. Yes, I use blender to do 3d model work. You will require other tools to extract the model from the game. The step has been broken down before, if you cant find any info. I can give you some hint on it. Sorry for replying this late thou.
  4. Might be Ok or twisted in some specific one I guess hahahaha
  5. better to learn how to do it yourself and everyone can put whatever ero image they like! 😆
  6. Nice try, my attempt is more of for fun 🤣🤣🤣
  7. hey, thanks as well. I have been trying to make the folder easy to follow... Perhaps, I should keep both preview up. One in the root folder. one inside each specific mod folder. Anyway, I will see which one works out. And the thongs ver. I forgot on that. should be released soon.
  8. Oh, I didn't check the animation things you said. But so far the mod is working everywhere 😜
  9. What does you mean by animation, the model is modified. So it will be like that all the time During the story, during the gameplay, during the fight, photomode 😆
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