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Solved: PC disappears after completing the scene

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After completing a scene, tested with a horse from Hentai Creatures, the character disappears.  First person view places the point of view right at ground level.  While the horse is close enough to initiate another sex scene, the new scene shows the character properly for the duration of the scene, then the PC disappears again when it ends.  Also, the PC cannot move or anything after the scene ends.  Anybody have any idea which might be causing this error?


Sexlab mods installed are (without listing the slal animation packs):

SL Animation loader

SL Separate Orgasms v1.6.7

Creature Framework 1.1.0 pre2A SE

PSQ Player Succubus Quest

ERF Succubus PSQ Transform Addon

Fill Her Up UUNP (Though I use CBBE)

Hentai Creatures of Skyrim v1.20SE

Sexlab Beastess SE v4

Sexlab Deadly Drain Enhanced v0.5.7

Sexlab Inflation Framework SE 1.2.2 beta

Sexlab Aroused SSE

Succubus Heart SE 4.11

ZaZ Animation Pack+ CBBE HDT V8.0+SEREV3


Solution: For CBBE, I had to use Baka edition of Fillherup.

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Well, I can't say with any certainty, but from your list of mods, ERF Succubus PSQ Transform Addon sounds like a good first check. (transform being the operative flag to me)


your succubus stuff is the only part I'm unfamiliar with. All the foundational mods in your list are afaik ok. 


good luck!


Oh...PS> why are you using the UUNP version of FIllherup? 

if you're on the CBBE side of things, I'd recommend fill her up Baka edition (see the SE Compatibility Tracking thread from the main Skyrim SE page)

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While there were separate issues I had with PSQ, due to its interaction with the vampire player race, it may be that the culprit for my issue was actually the version of Fill Her Up that I was using, as the issue didn't occur again after I switched to the Baka version.

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