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Diamond City Male Change

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This is a very simple mod that i made mainly for myself.

What does it do?

It will change existing prop female NPC into male. 
Additionally, i added some male NPC. Though they are copies of existing NPC, i tried to give them some other uniforms.

No, quest individuals were altered.

I am currently working on changing their faces which is not that easy.


Mainly, it supposed to enhance female character play. Though perhaps it can also enhance same sex play. More opportunities.

This was just made with the Creation Kit. So nothing special at all. Just takes time.

I tried out some mods that add NPC, but they did not work for me. 


So use it with caution. It should work best with a new game start. It does not change anything as far as i can tell.




P.s. i am just learning to mod and scratching the surface of modding. Anyone can do something like that anyway.

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    Fallout 4, F4SE


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