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  1. Not sure if i missed it, but is there an option that stops the animation until climax?
  2. Don't you have problems with the dialog system? I always had, which is why i only have a limited amount of mods running.
  3. I did, finally. With a heavy heart. It added some spice to it. After all the time i played, what was more annoying were the dialogs. Though, if you made your character dumb, you could not say no really. But to see the dialogs over and over gets quite annoying for me. At the moment i have only Raiders Pet, Violate and MCG. Though maybe MCG does not really fit in there too.
  4. Well, i placed some raiders next to me. (player.placeatme 00019567 20) That way it was more fun. I think, that in vanilla Fallout 4, there is a lag of Raiders. Not a lot per camp or settlement.
  5. There is on more thing. If i have Harassment running next to Raiders Pet, and it happens that i get some devices on (from MCG i suppose since i disabled it within Harassment), after the act NPC removes everything, even the raiders collar. This will lead ultimately to my demise. I tried to somehow solve but i was not really in luck. Even the "no strip" mod was able to avoid the unequip. I do not have violate installed, so no key for surrender. Are any mods that use devious devices incompatible? Thank you
  6. I like the mod overall, but what seems strange is, if you get raped, that the predator is asking you. In reality you would not have a choice. But besides that, this is a great mod.
  7. I did. Was just a little confusing since somewhere on nexus it said you need Caliente. Anyway, that works. What does not work, and i am still testing, is that my bodyslide i created does not show ingame for some reason. Maybe its the bodyslide preset i use which is the Jane Bod -CBBE.
  8. Hi, does that mean i need to let go of my CBBE? Or just installed along? I haven't check fusion girl so far. I will take a look. Thank you
  9. Hello, i had to reinstall everything (common theme) and now i get the info box instead of sex. Not sure why, i followed the guide but for some reason it still pops up. Please see my load order. I think i only have animations that are in the guide. Thank you so much P.s. i found my error. I was so in panic. I installed this other patch "The one patch...". It seems that this had interfered for some reason. Wasn't in the guide even. All good now.
  10. Well. i had this weird problem today. I reinstalled everything and everytime AFF (Framework) only loaded 68%. Finally i discovered it was an animation that caused the problem. In my case i had two candidates. 50 Shades and Crazy Gun Animation. I through them both out and its loading correctly. So maybe in your case maybe something is preventing to load it.
  11. That is a bummer. I hoped it was my installation. Ok, got to imagine then.
  12. I had a different experience. If NPC approaches and wants to put more device on, i get an error saying can not unequip item. Duh, now i have a blind and a hood on. Hard to say what the NPC wanted it to add or remove. I should mention that i have next to "real handcuffs" also the tape cuff mod. I forgot the name right now. I will see if i can make a screen shot of the error. P.s. here is the screen shot. Not sure how i can find out what item it is that is conflicting. I kind of looks like that the restraining bar can not attached, though there is no
  13. Hello, i am using this mod with Raiders Pet, but there is the DD section that does not make sense to me. If Raiders Pet you get a collar, but if i enable DD in Harassment, i always get the response, "look at all the devices" and the same guy that put them on wants to help. This would make more sense if i were outside the raider camp. Perhaps as an option but i only have two responses. No, i am busy and please help. Last one leads to attacked and (if enabled) sold (like RSE). It would make more sense if they knew i am captured and not ask that question. Am i to disabl
  14. I noticed that you can actually barter with Sex'm Up for a bed. There you can pay with sex. Nice.
  15. Check if you have the latest version of Bodytalk. Uninstall Bodytalk and reinstall it. I did a Bodyslide run on Bodytalk. Just basic and done. After that it should work. At least it did for me. Thanks
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