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  1. Here are my townies, just for sharing. Men only. And two of my characters.
  2. Thank you so much. I have downloaded it as well. There are many mod i am not aware off it seems.
  3. Greatly appreciated. I am still not at the point where i am satisfied. But, i got my first created Sim to be a bartender. So that is absolutely good. Yes, i will have such a save as well. Its really a project. One problem for me is, that i am not completely happy with the prostitution mod. So i am torn between what mod i am using. The best mods for my world seems to be Nisa, Sugar and for right now. Sex Addicted. I wish there were more interaction between Sims in that there would be touching before or bargaining. Nisas mod is great in every sense but it a nice version of the job. But with that said, its the go2 mod for that avenue. Can not have everything. (wonder why there are no other "working" prostitution mods) I took interest in Zero's modding guide. Maybe i can learn and make actually something myself. But i am more scared about updates after. Anyway, i can say that creating sims is really one task you do not want to do often. I save export them so i never lose them. I mostly just change their skin, adjust weight, maybe a different hair style, and add some traits. Creating a meaner version. Sims 4 is a very nice and cartoonish game, but thats ok. I did actually replace any default sim in my game and replaced with my creation. This is very easy but aggravating process. So now, i just wait for the game to populate it with my Sims which seems to work. Occasionally there are some generated sims but thats ok. Next will be building replacements. The gallery from EA works fine, though with my 2 DLCs the search is meh since i mostly get venues that need still other mods. So have to look further. If i am really bored, maybe i design some houses but i am louse designer. So far, these were great tips and i appreciate them all.
  4. On the website it stated that it is compatible. This looks like a real nice mod. Check if your version is up2date. Can not say anything about conflicts though. Besides what he mentions. Compatible With: Patch 09/07/21 PC: / Mac: Conflicts/Issues/Notable Items Observed: If you move out one Sim to a new household, that new household will not retain Mortem data. The prior household will keep this data. If the Sim moving out was registered as the Executor, this new update will ask you to assign a new Executor when you load the prior household back up. Does not work with Zero's No React to Strangers Death and ChippedSim's Happy Haunts - Graveyard Mod.
  5. I have currently 82 NPC. I'll guess i have to make some more. This will be boring but i think better save and have 200 then.
  6. I found that for you. nisa.help Type that in the console and it should give you cheat options. There is probably a command for removing it via command.
  7. Check the sex settings in WW. Also, if there is an animation you do not like, you can shift click on your character and disable that particular animation as it plays.
  8. I am glad i asked. Thanks for sharing. First, i always wondered but never asked, hey for what is this actually? What does it do? The MCCC Import. Now i know. I made over 50 NPC's to my liking and i always wondered why Sims does not seem to pick them up. Makes sense now. As for the mod. Yes, i checked his Patreon page and of course there is a newer version. But the public is from 1 year ago. Trashcan now. I could not get myself to pay 3$. Yes, i am cheap. But if i use that mod, i have to continue because there will be another game update. I will have a look at the other mod. I stared for awhile at the bar and deleted townies and woops, another came through the door. Kind of like clockwork. My face issue is solved in the regard that i just copied my backup over. Maybe another time.
  9. Ah, got it. So many traps. Ok, have to do. I have an backup so just copy over. Btw. this is not exactly on topic, but if i create lots NPC's, when will the game utilize them instead of townies? I am not sure if i need to dumb them on empty lot or leave em in the gallery. If i understand the game correctly, if by default 80 is the population, so if i have that amount of npc and i delete all EA townies, should the game not use them? That would solve my problem, at least for some time, till someone dies. Thanks a lot. I really used the web and came up with rather nothing in that regard.
  10. I noticed that townies still have the problem. But more importantly, it appears that their face is in the body. So they are not gone acutally. Btw. is there a way to read out what the townie is using for the face? I tried MCCC but these seem like Hex numbers. This makes me ROTFL. Silly game.
  11. Grrr. it was to early to celebrate. Funny, the bar tender (townie) seems fine, the others not. So i have to experiment more till i find that particular CC. I know now how.
  12. You can pile all animations in your folder. Except for those where its stated to use only one of course.
  13. I think this did the trick. It amazes me that this cc actually was the cause. I ran the batch and made these three available to men and it seems to work. I hope with the next iteration of sims, there will be a more strict separation of cc between genders. Right now, my main goal is to banish all townies.
  14. Ok, something new to learn. Tagging and flagging. But yes, i noticed that some female stuff appears also for men.
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