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  1. Oh, yes. Well, i did like the light mod. It made it more, darker. The other mods, well, true. They are taxing the system more. Though, i only had problems with the ENV mods. Currently, i am not even sure if i can play since my gfx problem. But it isn't really my priority at the moment. (but its nice to have the options, if you have the resources, to play FO4 in more realistic form.) What i was looking for was a better body texture package but it seems there isn't one for a more mature body.
  2. Sadly, i have to correct that. I actually have the same problem with other games as well. The difference is perhaps how heavy loaded some games are and others not. Skyrim seemed fine though the limping walk was there also. I tried Battlefield 1 and it was as bad as FO4. But that is just my guess. Anyhow. I managed to disassemble my card and cleaning it. I will put it tomorrow together and see if the fans are still good and up to speed. I think the card is actually ok still, but had a lot of dust and hairs. I have cats. For years i did not put the side door on my pc because it
  3. I took my card apart and do some cleaning on it. Wonder if i should replace the fan's. My AMD software never detected any rpm from them. Though they were moving.
  4. I think for slutting up Harassments is perfect. Now that gfx won't run smoothly anymore, i have time for the update. With my 750Ti its not as fan to play FO4. @Tentacus take your time.
  5. I checked today my old Evga 750Ti. It works fine with that. seems my Amd card is not working anymore. I checked on Ebay for an older RX580 with 8GB. They run about $400 Dollar used. That would be a little better than what i have. Are 4GB cards ok? That would save half the cost. Thanks
  6. Nope. Its so weird. The temps are good. I just reinstalled FO4 and even with a new game lags like heel till the shutoff. Not sure if that maybe a mobo issue? we had a blackout recently. Windows? My GFX? Though it operates normally temp wise. All the fans are spinning. I even took the cooler out once again and reapplied the paste. Temps are normal. Though i noticed that RyzenMaster and Speccy show different results. But after reading the AMD page, even if it goes to 80C it should still operate. I never really had that happen. FO4 is a standard as it co
  7. Its strange. Fallout still crapped out on me. Now i installed Skyrim SE to check if the same behavior will happen. It did not. It runs actually great Bethesda style. I am thinking that a mod is causing it. Do not know for sure, but there are not many options really. I installed also Ryzen Master and it tells me that i have with Fallout 4 about 60C. The max is 90C. The game still lags though. I assume that is a different issue then. At least no shutdowns. Stresstest went also great. So what gives. Dunno
  8. So update. I received the cooler. Installed it. Same thing happens. Now i am think it maybe the PSU. But that is just my guess. I mean, with this massive cooler, it should actually work. Possibly the Corsaid RM Series 750W since that is what BestBuy has which i looked up on Newegg. I just never had that happen with a cooler. Its not really rocked science. moaw... p.s. it leads me to believe that the stock cooler was actually ok. Sad.
  9. Agree. Though the cooler had not a paste. I think it was already on it. Which lets me believe that it may not suitable for gaming. But that is just my guess really. Got to check more often the thrift stores. Down the line i want to build my pc for 2K. My monitor is "just" HD. Ist ok. I needed a monitor quick and this one had two HDMI inputs so i was able to hook up my SNES mini to it.
  10. I like Unique player, as i do not like to see other NPC's having my body. Like if every female has the same breast size. Thats just silly. Not sure about the mesh, as i did not notice the issue myself. My issue is more Looksmenu which is more limited compared to Racemenu. I would love to sculpt the face more. MO2 is pretty good. I tried Vortex but i had problems with it. MO2 seems to be more straight with me.
  11. Ah, the PSU. I had several die on me. At the moment i have an EVGA PSU from BestBuy in it. Not the best, i am sure. That is another thing i want to change. Just not right now. One with modular cable management.
  12. What mod manager do you use? Vortex or MO2? For MO2 you just need it to install through it. With Vortex i had my problems too as there were additional steps to be taken, if i remember correctly. On the page from Bodyslides there is an installation guide. Just follow it. Also, do you have Fores New Idles installed? This is essential.. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11811 If you start Bodyslides throught the mod manager, it should load after the first run where you select the main folder, show you slides in the menu. If it does not, it is pointi
  13. Well i do mostly install through MO2 but there are some things i have to do manually like libs install and textures. I am using Unique Player which requires to manually copy files into its own folders. No biggie really. I remember in the beginning, when i started, it was all complicated. Now, its second nature. I even started to organize my files for backups and pack them so i have it easier for a new install. It just makes it much easier when you install it again. But, i sometimes miss crucial information how some things should be installed. Like this one. And then, shock, it
  14. I am an iggid. I installed it with MO2 but the instruction said to manually drop in the FO4 folder. Works now. With Buffout4 1• Download the v0.317 Enb binaries and drop ONLY d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into the Fallout 4 main folder, where the game's .exe are. 2 • Download manually NAC Enhancer and drop all the files into the Fallout 4 main folder, where the game's .exe and the Enb binaries are. It was soooo far down.
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