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  1. @Grey Cloud Yes, one issue solved. I found out that the mod is not compatible with UNP. Perhaps there will be an update but there seems to be a work around involving SSEdit and change the path of the slider. So that is that. Thanks
  2. BHUNP. I just do not get which step was wrong so far. If i read your answer right, i do not need Caliente. Am i right?
  3. I watched recently Monty Python because i like it. Such a show had no chance today i assume. There are so many offensive things in it..... well. My favorite show was Fawlty Towers and this got altered to make it welcome again in the present.
  4. I have this strange problem that i do something wrong, because i do not get sliders in Bodyslides. So here is what i did. In installed Bodyslides, Caliente and Total Unique Player and his sliders. So far so good. I copied my skin textures over, and facegens for the face. But if i go into Bodyslides and select Unique Player, i am not getting a preview of the body. So either i am missing something or did something wrong at the installation. So if someone know what i did wrong, i would appreciate pointing out what i did wrong. Now, i am just playing with out Unique player but also no big breast since i do not want NPC women to have any. The BHUNP 3BBB slides works of course on its own. But i am not sure. This will alter everyone i think. Selecting Unique Player does not show anything in the preview. So no bodyslide. Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- BodySlide and Outfit Studio HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics) Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE Total Unique Player 2.0 Thank you and cheers
  5. Does someone know if this is normal? I mean its ok but obviously it would be great if both parts would match the color. Currently i am using UNP and Fairskin. What could cause this anyway? I am not sure.
  6. @DeepBlueFrog Question. The bimbo transformation is in steps. Am i correct? I noticed that i do not get enhanced breast in the beginning anymore. I switched to UNP but i am not sure if that matters. Skin color and hair do change and mindset. I do use the inflation framework with this mod. So i checked marked that in the mod instead of Netimmerse. Like i said, i am just checking as i am not sure. Thanks p.s. i am not sure actually but i followed an advise that were in the #4000 range where you should use both the SLIF and Bodyslides. That actually worked.
  7. Thats a great idea. I always found it strange to have kids running around during i have public sex.
  8. I still like Oniki's mod more than i like WickedWhims. My reason is that Sims 4 got so consensual in a sense. No bad things happening there. One reason i like Skyrim so much more as everything is possible with that game, even though i do not like everything. The registration for animation is of course a problem and most of the time its the wrong animation one would like to register. I found out later that not all animations are equal concerning Oniki. Well, you always learn. Don't you.
  9. @Psalam Well, i handle it like my phone calls. If no one leaves a message, i ignore it because it is not important. That is how i manage my "smart" phone as well. To many reminders about nothing. Its a more peaceful situation now. The @ is actually a useful feature since you do not need to quote at all.
  10. OK, i quote you Anyway, that's all i needed to know. So i do not have to subscribe to the topic itself. I got annoyed with all the notifications that i got. Its just so many if you subscribe to everything. Thanks
  11. Does the forum software show you responses to your posting without showing you the whole conversation of the forum? I would like to have that but not the whole new posting in a topic.
  12. Ich benutzte immer in der Console "Tree /F" und hab dann eine Text Datei die alle Dinge anzeigt. Meine kleine Erfahrung war, das manchmal ein CC defekt war und alles runter reisst. Ich wuerde, wenn erforderlich, klein anfangen und nur die Haupt Mods installieren und dann aufbauen. Das dauert zwar elend lange aber dann weisst du das alles funktioniert und wenn eines quer schiesst, kann das das herausnehmen und es sollte funktionieren. Allerdings, sehr viele Mods hatte ich nie installiert.
  13. I am just wondering as i did not see it in the description. But where or how can i get the collars i am missing. Banned Collar Whore Collar Naked Collar Were these from a different mod?
  14. I think i know what it was. If the public punishment is enabled this is the time when it happens. I did not enable it now and it seems to work. So i think you probably right. Well, current animation. Maybe i was not really clear. Lets just say that the animation was taken place and at the same time i read the headline in read about that i am caught. So the other animation took over with my character. The NPC on the other hand went on with his animation that was called prior. I think if i would record it, it would make more sense. But i think we are ok. I did not see that again.
  15. I noticed that this mod seems to ignore current animations. Like when you are engaged, you seems to getting defeated at the same time. Which breaks the current animation. Is there a way around that? I did not see a checkbox or at least i do not know which one if any. I put my DD mods in case that helps
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