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Strip Club spawning new townies for clients, any way to prevent this?

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After downloading v165D and v165E, I noticed that when I visit a strip club it's spawning new townies to be used as clients instead of bringing in pre-existing Sims. Is this a problem for anyone else? Yes I do use many other mods but they're unrelated to the problem. I literally had the game spawn 15+ townies just to occupy the club and it's quite annoying because I don't want a clutter of unwanted townies in my world.


I use MCC and the it says "* Created homeless household, (Sim's name), containing 1 sim(s) for: TURBODRIVER:WickedWhims_Filter_StripClub_Customers_NotToldToLeave" for each one.

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On 6/12/2021 at 12:03 PM, wild_guy said:

Check the new WW setting that can prevent generating new sims as strip club clients. I don't  remember the setting name but it's  there, just check your strip club settings


I checked all the settings and found no such thing.

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Bump because this is still a problem for me. It's very frustrating and would like some help. As I previously stated there is nothing in Strip Club settings regarding townie generation and I was obviously lied to by the person who replied.

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I dont know if you can prevent new sims to spawn as night club clients, but what i do is using MCCC and choose to import any new sim from my library. That way even when the game "created" new sims they are nice ones that i had in my library....I hope it would make this a bit less frustrating for you. Anyway if someone knows about a way to prevent it please let us know ?

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9 minutes ago, DezGamer said:

I downloaded this: https://www.npccmod.com/download

It blocks spawning of any new sims.  Been using it for last hour and have not noticed a single new household outside the ones I created.

It's a good mod for controlling the way NPCs spawn. In fact, it's the best out there. But there's things that need to be stated about it.

It's updated for the latest patches but ONLY if you donate to his Patreon.

It's strictly a paywall mod.

The public version is 1.29 and you wouldn't believe how old that shit is. Using 1.29 on the current version of the game is going to break more shit than it fixes.

You've been warned...

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As a very nice alternative i use the "NO RANDOM" mod from Zero. It works very well and you can customize what kind of random sims you want or not want. It is updated, and it is not behind a pay wall, but you can donate if you want, and it works perfectly fine with MCCC. NPCC will give you more trouble, and i personally do not want to support it. 


No Random Townies | Zero's Sims 4 Mods&Comics on Patreon

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