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1 minute ago, TestuserF said:

Whenever I use sex spells instead of fucking female , female fuck me with dildo . How to fix that ? I am new to skyrim.

(Here I go again).


First, you can use a hotkey (+/=). After the animation starts, hit the hotkey and the positions will be reversed.


Otherwise you need to understand a little about SexLab. SexLab is a framework, that is, it is a mod written so that other mod authors can use it rather than having to add all the basics again. So, when I write a mod I can make SexLab a hard requirement and now I can make the characters have sex and I don't have to write out everything that Ashal has already done. The point of that is that it is not SexLab but the mod author that calls SexLab who determines which position the characters will be in. Not surprisingly I find using my own mod, Some Consensual Sex, as an example, the best way to explain. In the original mod when I called for sex (as the mod author) the player would be in the traditional "male" positions. Upon request I wrote a second file that would now put the player in the traditional "female" positions. SexLab hadn't changed. How I (as a mod author) chose to use SexLab had changed. So, if you are finding that the mods that you are using are not providing the animations that you want you probably need to find a different set of mods for calling SexLab.

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