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(Idea/Request) Forced Marriage

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Good day or Evening all

In this Idea or Request it's all about a Mod that forces A Female DB into a Marriage or better into domestic slavery there a jarl from one of the many Holmes decides a Husband for The Female DB the quest will trigger right after one becomes a Thane. It begins really simply after become a Thane speak to the Jarl of Holme The Female DB has become the Thane the sentce that will Beginn the quest of being forced into Marriage starts like these  "My Jarl you want to talk with me about my Future" the Jarl would than answer like this " Yes a Woman of you Position must think about you Legacy about having Children and a Husband" the talk will continue after this with the female DB answer "what are you meaning my Jarl Husband children but my Jarl I am you Thane" the Jarl would than answer like this " Yes because of that I can't have my Thane running around and getting killed or worse so I decided to marry you off you Husband will arrive I two days Guards Aprehend the Thane and lock her up until the Date of the Marriage" after it the screen will turn to Black and the Female DB wakes up locked inside a Prison bound in Heavy bondage to progress the story The Player can now choose between tried to free you self from the heavy bondage and escape or interact with the bett once the player interact with bett the screen will Turn to black and the screen will become normal after a few seconds and the player will be back in the Jarls palace there the PC will be freed from the bondage and brought to the Husband for the Marriage once its over the player will wake up in the Husband House where all the PC gear is taken away and the PC will be locked into a collar and told by the Husband Npc that he is already Married and that The Npc only Married PC because of the Political power the Pc holds and told that even thought He is know The PC husband the PC will be only the second wive and treated as a Slave by The Husband and his First wive and the only dutie the PC has is to clean the House entertain Guest with it I mean getting raped by then and earnoney as a Slave Whore. The quest can be completed by ether killing the Husband or stealing the Collars key 

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The fade to black, you have no choice in things for any quest absolutely piss me off no end, I hate things like this as in most cases they make no sense at all, the person who they try to pull it on it is fully awake and fully aware, why the hell would they go along with it, draw weapon or spells and butcher the damn lot of them, and hopefully the next person in charge would have more sense that to try something this stupid with a person who can solo dragons, and walks through crypts full of draugar and falmer, which have normal guards quivering in the shoes.

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Also looking for similar mods Something like enforced is more interesting than we just avoid cause we already know. 


forced marriage also can lead into another mods like:

  • sexlife or pet project mod.
  • or maybe should marriage before can purchase the house.
  • or some similar block like quest.



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