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I do not know what to do

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Hello, I need help urgently.

I get this message every time I want to travel to a lot other than a house.

I tried it without mods and it worked, but the mods I use are the most common ones here, like MCCC or WW etc. So I don't know what the problem is, I have them all updated.

This is the first time something like this has happened to me.





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3 hours ago, batisnava said:

I tried it without mods and it worked,

So that only leaves one conclusion. You have a mod that's breaking your game.

You only mentioned MCCC and WW but there's obviously some mod that's causing you an issue. Now you have the task of finding it.


Copy your Mods folder to a backup location and then remove all your mods from the game.

Take half the mods from your backup folder and put them back in. (This is called a 50/50 method).

Delete your localthumbcache.package file (you have to do this ANY time you makes changes to your mods folder).

Test the game. If the problem is gone, you know it's not a mod in the first half so remove them and place the other half of your mods in.

Once again, delete your thumbcache file and test the game again.


You'll no doubt find out that the mod is in the last half so you'll have to continue dividing up those mods by half until you've whittled it down and found your problem mod.

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13 hours ago, batisnava said:

the localthumbcache.package file so that I have to delete it? can my save be damaged?

That file just stores some information, that might confuse your game if you've changed some things in your Mods etc. It will be created again from the ground up if you delete it.

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