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Attraction system not working with new update

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As of the latest update the attraction system in my game is not completely working. I made a new family with a new save file and tried to make one of my sims gay. For some reason it does not recognize his attraction to men. It says that women are very unattractive to him, but gives no attraction to men. I even went into CAS to make it so he likes men, but it still didn't work. It sometimes works  when I pick 'develop preferences' instead of 'choose preferences', but not always. I would like to be able to choose my sim's preferences instead of having to develop them. I also tried loading an older save file I have and my preferences seem to still be working with already established relationships, but some of the attraction level's have changed. I imported my settings from my old save wondering if that was the problem, but it's still not working. I'm at a loss of what to do. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  




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4 hours ago, cas6841 said:

I'm at a loss of what to do. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  

Set up your male preferences manually using WW.

Note that CAS Likes/Dislikes will override WW preferences.


Only pick the Gender you prefer and don't pick any dislikes in WW Attraction.

(If your sim is Bi-Sexual Pick both Genders or None)


Next is Feminine/Masculine preference, (make sure they are all not selected, most of the tags for EA Male and Female Clothing and Accessories are for both Genders)

(Same for CC... most of it is tagged wrong and it will just mess up the attractions if used for preferences)


Go through all the other preferences and uncheck any and all you find.

You want a clean slate for every other preference except for gender.


When your played sim is active Shift+Click on another Sim, Wicked > Relationships > Attractiveness Information

All that sims real data shows up so you can see what the actually have.

Note things like Straight Hair or Wavy Hair or Makeup


White 100% means they have it but it's not selected by your sim as a preference.

It will become Green 100% if your sim has it selected as a preference.

Purple colors are bad.

Splits are bad, you will sometimes see 40%, 10%, 50% for the same parts, or 60/40.

Avoid selecting these for preferences with your sims.


The idea is to get the best results overall with as few preferences as possible.

I can get 90% Very Attractive sims just by using only the Gender preference.


Note the Scores at the top of the sims data.

A good place to be is High/Very High with another sim.

Very High/Very High means both sims think the other is Extremely Attractive for example.


As I play a male sim I pick Female Gender, Makeup & Jewelry, Straight Hair, and Arched Eyebrows, plus Sweet Voice Type.

In CAS I can match all my female sims with most of the preferences I have selected.

Stay away from choosing any colors for preferences.

I only use the Voice Type on sims I want to be Extremely Attractive, sort of an Ace in the Hole card.


Your sim will have to go out and meet other male sims but the problem is most EA sims aren't Gay so there won't be any sims to respond.

Need to make some sims Gay:



Note WW may or may not be set up for same sex autonomy but that's another topic.



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I get something similar. Any same sex sims never have an 'attraction' level in their profile. So for example, Male Sim 1 will note in the profiles of unrelated female sims how attractive he finds them (attractive, extremely attractive, etc).  However, he will never have an attractiveness level in the profile of any other male sim. Ever. He's not attracted or unattracted, it just doesn't register.

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