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Why not look in the CS?


The bookseller is a Orc with name  "Book Seller on The Streets"  (Ref ID xx000EEC )

He is in the middle of the Arboretum.


In vanilla Oblivion  he is here ...






Are you using Better cities ? Or other Mods that change the Arboretum?

Then you are in the wrong cell

Better Cities Arboretum moves the Arboretum cell from Tamriel [WRLD:0000003C] to Tamriel2 [WRLD:0000FB1D]

So you can never find the NPC (And if you are in the right cell I think he will be under/in rocks  or a Base of a statue.


You can move the player to the NPC with console, or move the NPC to the player  ( moveto  command )


But easier (and you don't have to pay the books) is use the console to get the books.

Player.additem xx001C9D 1

and the other 6 books.


replace xx with the loadorder ID of the  PrequelBooks.esp



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