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[Request] Fertility limit by children

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I figured since most of these mods will have you sleeping with several characters during a lifetime, your children will likely number in the hundreds/thousands. Becoming unmanageable, or fracturing your realm,/pressing claims too frequently to allow you to enjoy the game. This has happened to me many times.


A mod where characters hit a limit after siring/birthing a number of children, after a child of a certain sex or a certain number of a certain sex would be a great addition.

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Base game already has a child cap, though this just affects the monthly fertility checks, so any event based thing will bypass this. Though as was mentioned Carnalitas includes a birth control thing so that children from events don't get out of control. Base game limit is 1 but you get bonuses for being landed, your ruler tier, being a player, and extra spouses so it goes up to 8 or 12 I think.

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