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  1. Where are you finding such small watermelons? We're talking one watermelon each tops. 😉 So the sizes are set to be around L cups, which are basically the largest natural breasts that exist (though note it's hard to adjust for height because the default paradox height animation makes tall women have larger breasts and short women smaller, though my recent update might allow me to fix this. I should look into that). However that isn't particularly common. The way this mod determines breast size makes it so that most people are in the A to G range as in real life with relatively few at A or G. Women do gain size if they gain weight, and that is honestly less scientifically done. As in real life the average is D or DD. You can seduce characters. As mentioned at the top of the description of this mod, you need to let time pass for the variables the game uses to seed. I use variables to change the way seduction works to influence AI behavior. So I needed to add triggers to prevent you and the AI from seducing characters until the variables are seeded, otherwise it fucks up the game. What you are seeing is a thing saying it's a bug. It's just the game's default localization explaining to you that you can't seduce this person because you and them don't have the right variables. I just haven't added custom localization to make it look pretty. Note that you probably haven't seen the variation in breast size I mentioned because you haven't let the variables seed. However, if you are into small breasts and want everyone to have smaller breasts, you can do that. No you can't use the base game models, there is an insane amount of math that goes into this shit and it's based on assuming my models and gene files. You can however influence the gene seeding behavior. mod\physical_attributes\common\script_values\default physical values lets you set the minimum and maximum value for each thing on a scale of 0 to 100. Each body part has two seeding values that determine half the values seeded roughly. Note there's a similar file that lets you determine what people find attractive by default in mod\coetus_anima\common\script_values\default physical attraction values
  2. You shouldn't have to change any flag. This mod needs to be below Carnalitas in the load order.
  3. The Carnalitas page on here has a good explanation of general installation instructions.
  4. So as to 1. Yeah I understand it's jarring have someone suddenly transform at 18, but that shouldn't be happening. The base game uses age_presets, and my mod leaves this system undisturbed. Essentially the character's attributes are modified by a percentage based on their age. The age does only calculate in integers so it does jump up at each birthday every year. This is the same way getting older works too btw, so maybe that's what they are seeing. As to the physical attributes numbers there's probably a way to display that info, it just feels creepy to have it right out there when a character is young, so I hide the info. I'll add something if I can think of a way to display it that wouldn't feel weird. 2. As to 2 well damn, that's a good idea. Probably a character interaction. It would fix, how I get a bunch of comments from people who think those mods are broken because they add the mod and then don't give it time to set up. But yeah newly added characters don't have variables assigned immediately because there's no on_action to do it automatically. Just for reference until I get around to adding your character interaction idea, right now I just have it set to an annual pulse, when a guest goes from the pool to a court, and at the beginning of a game.
  5. Did you fully redownload physical attributes? Like I would expect to see this with the old version of physical attributes and the new version of CBO. Either way here is the current breast gene uncompressed delete the breast gene present in CBO (and physical attributes if you use it can't quite recall if you were using that too) and replace it with this. As long as you aren't running another mod that overwrites breast gene (which I know you aren't, just specifying for clarity) there's absolutely no reason why it wouldn't work after that unless there's some sort of paradox software error with the way your game is adding mods. breast gene.txt
  6. I think its the high poly count. There normally aren't many character's on the screen, but when an event happens there will be at least three. When increasing the poly count I considered it might be a bit of an issue for people who don't have as good of a computer as me (mine isn't good, and literally held together by electrical tape lol but still there are definitely people with worse) mine doesn't slow down with one event window open, but with two it definitely does. So my machine is basically at its limit. When I upped the poly count I knew it would happen, and it would be way too much work to make a lower poly version. And honestly I was amazed at how good I could make it with the high poly count and really like it. I do really wish I could have a low poly version but it would be a prohibitive amount of work, basically double. My suggestion would be to lower the graphics settings. This would reduce the quality of the textures and diffuses on the portraits, this should take some pressure off your GPU, since there's no way to lower the poly count via settings. It would be great if there was a better answer, so let me know if you or anyone else thinks of something.
  7. So the ruler designer problem isn't really a "problem" it's expected behavior. This is why I added debug interactions so that you can set a character's attributes after you create them. This is the technical explaination so no worries if all you needed was the above answer. Basically I needed to be able to reference a character's gene strength in the game's scripting system but as far as I know there is no way to call it. There is a second coding system used by the game's gui set up where you can call the character's gene strength but its not as user friendly and I can't do the things with it that I want. So since I can't reference the character's gene strength, instead I go the other way around. I set a variable that then changes the way the character looks. But that means my variables completely overwrite the way the base game determines character looks. I would like to be able to directly seed the variable from what you pick on the slider but I haven't figured out how to do it and don't know if its possible. So in your character creation you can make the face look like you want an all the other stuff. But when it comes to butt size, penis size, or breast size you can just set it in game with the debug interactions.
  8. So this is helpful. It confirms your problem. You have the butt size gene working fine so you aren't missing whole folders but you definitely have an issue with your bist size gene. It seems like your game is still using the default bust size gene. I am trying to simplify the way breasts work so I use only one blendshape instead of two now. My attempts to make revealing clothing made me realize this would help make it easier (at least for me). So it's still trying to find breast_size_2_max which no longer exists. This would explain why you don't see all the bust size variations. By default they are hidden and I unhid them, (adding the localization). I have no idea why your your game isn't reading my bust_gene file. But we've isolated the issue. Go to the Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\char_body_overhaul\common\genes folder and send a screen of what you see in the folder. breast gene should be a file there. If its not that's the problem. If the game isn't reading it we need to figure out why. Note: at this point I suspect an error occurred in unzipping the folder. corrupting that specific file. Mostly because as far as I can tell what I actually have written works, and what I uploaded works for other people and you are only using my mods, which I know shouldn't cause this due to load order (no matter what the load order).
  9. I personally don't touch the face, it's complicated as hell. I only adjust the head models to get rid of the seam between the body and head. Game has 170 blendshapes and 80 additive animations by default. The game has a lot of unused blendshapes in the files for no reason so I don't know how many are used but probably over half. By comparision the bodies have 5 additive animations and 13 blendshapes for men, and 21 for women. Which is a lot more manageable. Which sucks because I would love to smooth out the ridge where the head and bodies meet.
  10. So you started a new topic, so no one can know what mod you are talking about
  11. Yeah this isn't compatible with the carn traits. It's a thing I've been meaning to do since forever. The issue is they both try to change the way the character looks, they are determinative rather than descriptive. So I want to make the carn traits descriptive. Just takes some time and I haven't gotten around to it.
  12. So this would normally be correct, but I trigger the on_action with on_birth_child and as mentioned in the notes in the game file # called for the newborn child # scope:child is the new born character # scope:mother is the pregnant mother # scope:father is the family father (not the biological) # scope:real_father is the biological father # scope:is_bastard, true if a known bastard The scopes are saved throughout the on_action chain. So these scopes are pre set up. This is true as long as the child is actually born. For characters that aren't born, yes it is randomized, within certain constraints to try to create a good distribution. That said it's a bit difficult to test because I wanted some randomness, since genetics aren't absolute. So people with certain genetics will tend to have children with certain traits. But within my testing its definitely passed on. One of the easiest ways to test it is to make a family super inbred. Eventually they have only one gene value in the family.
  13. Yeah so now I would say look for a mod conflict. Anything that might change the breast gene. Look at your error log.
  14. That's a different issue. I tried to make bigger breasts rarer, but have them still exist. That's not so much an error issue as a preference thing.
  15. So I guess the good news is my attempt to make aging more modifiable worked. I'm working on making it compatible with immortality. You would just want an immortal character to be forever young, right?
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