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  1. I'm out of ideas tbh. Hate to leave you hanging, sorry. Maybe it'll start working in a future update.
  2. No problem, always happy to help people get started modeling and animating. And yeah, the base game model and rig is pretty basic, and adding new bones is a pain. You have to replace the rig on the body model, every animation that's used, and every clothing model. I added a couple bones to the chest so that it can move a bit but every time you add a new bone you have to weight paint to and make sure you don't mess up the existing deforms.
  3. idk, I've heard of a similar error that occurs when unzipping with certain programs but not when pasting. Someone had a solution earlier in this thread somewhere for that, but don't know if this is the same.
  4. Its just like every other mod, the only difference is that you need to combine the gfx folders (the mod is too big to be uploaded all at once). Carnalitas has a good step by step in its description and I prefer to just direct people there because its a better explanation than I can do.
  5. Yeah, I'm mostly just basing it on the way women with breasts that big look in the real world, at least when they aren't implants. breast shape 2 and body_scrawny will make breasts saggier but only to a limited extent. What you probably want to do is Change every instance of setting = { attribute = "bs_body_breast_size_2_max" value = { min = -0.5 max = 0.5 } age = age_preset_puberty } to setting = { attribute = "bs_body_breast_size_max" value = { min = -0.5 max = 0.5 } age = age_preset_puberty } This will basically replace the default breast size ma
  6. It's because the event isn't coded with an animation. This is a common misconception and has come up more than a few times in this thread. The toggle doesn't trigger the animation just changes the perspective so that it can be viewed.
  7. I don't use paste character DNA or really create characters at all. So I don't really know how how it works. But this mod creates additional genes so it's probably not compatible unless you use this mod to create the DNA string.
  8. Carnalitas Char Body overhaul Physical Attributes Coetus Animus Things lower on the list overwrite things higher on the list Yeah its almost certainly the community flavor pack. I'm guessing that mod changes 01_clothes which would overwrite my 01_clothes in char body overhaul which would mean that the tags I use to make the characters naked in the events are overwritten. Also considering the boobs are clipping through that dress, either its a slightly different model than any of the default dresses or its overwriting my .mesh files. Which means that the dress doesn't ha
  9. Oh, lol was confused for a second but now I get it. The way they look in the character creator is still connected to prowess, but once the game starts its connected to the muscle variable system. This is because I can't seed the variables while in the character creator. Herculean doesn't add prowess anymore (because it adds the most muscle of any trait) so it no longer adds prowess and will appear to not add prowess in the character creator.
  10. I mean its supposed to be moving. That's just the first frame. I have no damn clue what's wrong here like I know what you are seeing is abnormal, I'm guessing its related to her clipping through that outfit. Probably some combo of load order and interfering mods, but this isn't one I've seen before.
  11. It does increase muscle values. What I'm guessing is that you are adding traits via the console? Muscles work like fat does, or at least they are supposed to. Adding a trait will make the person tend toward a certain muscle value over the course of several years. I want to eventually add more variable and events and stuff so that a character's muscle value are linked to their lifestyle and more dynamic as they are more active or more sedentary, so this is a framework for that.
  12. You haven't clicked the button. Look through this thread and the sex animations thread and you can find it mentioned a bunch also its in the instructions for the sex animations mod. With the UI you need to change up your load order. UIs always overwrite each other. That's why I made my UI off the Carnalitas UI. So my UI works with Carnalitas (though not the other way around.)
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