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  1. I'm having an issue with this mod and [NL] Facial Animation, all my pawns spawn headless for whatever reason. Is there any sort of fix for this?
  2. Any chance that this can still come out? Also where can I find more of your work? Gurochan is down and redgifs doesn't want to show your newer stuff.
  3. Would you mind sharing the link with a friend in PMs?
  4. I'm getting some weird clipping where some parts of it just go through the clothes like there was a hole. Is there any fix? What body should I be using?
  5. Some people are into it. I know I've used them before on an Acetic whore before where most of the time the only thing she ate was basically cum since they count as raw food.
  6. Not sure if this me or if I missed something between updates, but I don't see the whoring button anymore on the RJW square next to pawns? I can still hit the whoring button on the brothel menu but I'm not sure if I can actually use prostitutes from this? Did I mess this up some how or is this a new feature. Any fixes?
  7. Is it possible to use your stuff with EVE v7 or only v6?
  8. Your sims look amazing! I just wanted to say that when you remake the Behr sisters, keep their hair somewhat close to their original, its probably their most standout and identifying trait.
  9. I feel like another idea would be to have "sexy stormtroopers". Skimpy armor and bikini armor stuff.
  10. Any chance of having the whoring/brothel decision be allowed to other Christians beyond just Catholics? I tried to do it myself but I can only find the gangbang troops option when looking into the files
  11. Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it? I'm presuming its a localization thing but I can't figure out what exactly is wrong.
  12. If I had to imagine its because such a mod would have to rely on the game's culture and portrait DNA system, both of which really aren't suited for something like this. A quick look through modifiers and I don't think there's one that lets you mod opinion beyond "foreigner". Black/Bleached using culture, beyond not having anything to really mod off of, can get affect by the general weirdness that can happen with CK2. If you let the game run long enough you'll end up Arabs using French Portraits or Greek Portraits with an African culture or something else along those lines. Portra
  13. Added to the list, As for the boytoy title, the idea was that they are literally men who follow around powerful woman and are there on demand for entertainment (ie literal sex toys in a sense). The thing is, in my mind you can't really have someone with the power and more importantly, the responsibility of running a duchy or kingdom and just have them follow someone around like a puppy but it made sense that Counts and below who might have considerably less day to day duties and thus have the free time to be an on demand cock. I treat these minor titles as like jobs th
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I should probably have also prefaced this that it was around 1am when I finished this and had only gotten like 3 hours of sleep the night before; things got wonky. The brackets is def a result of me just getting lazy trying to fix and add things and getting sloppy; the diplo thing is certainly an oversight. I'll put this on the list so hopefully well rested me can fix it.
  15. [mod] LewdText - A Lewd Flavor Mod View File LewdText V 1.0.1 (4/7/20) A mod that adds smaller bits of lewdness and sex in the form of flavor text ,RP options and general "background" for all of your well-hung kings and well-used queens. The idea is that its not going to hit you over the head with decisions-based quest lines and flash a bunch of dirty pictures at you. Its more that it gives your imagination something to help kick start the adult theater of the mind and let your own pervert head fill in the blanks like a good horror movie only in
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