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New senran kagura game

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12 hours ago, NumberXer0 said:

Huh..I thought Sony killed the SK games. Glad to see they're still going. It'll be censored to hell and back on PS4, so lets hope for a PC release.

exactly , hoping for the same mods like we got in the past senran kagura games . 

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Honestly I really don't care if its old and re-used, the fact that the franchise shows a heart beat gives me hope for 7even to release some day. If enough people support this next title it might give them the confidence to make moves either without Sony, or give them some firm ground when Sony pushes back. There has been petitions to suggest they should push harder for Nintendo since they have been pretty inviting to the wiafu culture. Even if the game is half baked I look forward to modding the tits off(in) this game.

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  • 4 weeks later...

the guy is now working with cygames to make a pretty cool looking game but with no clothing damage or particularly sexy outfits. i doubt hes actually that dedicated to the cause of making clothing damage videogames lol

hes also still overseeing S7 allegedly (if that game even exists still) so maybe hes doing production stuff for this one too?

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