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Slaverun Reloaded: I have done several plays of this and really enjoy it with one major negative for me. I don’t really like the start much and had several issues because of it. The game gets you to a specific point as a Level 2 for the kickoff. You have to find a cart on the road between Riverwood and Helgen. You are attacked by the normal bandits at the local campsite; seems OK. Go to the campsite and find a chest there. Here is the disconnect for me and seems out of place:


When you open the chest, an orc bandit (in heavy armor) runs up to you before you can talk like it suggests. There is no talking, he tells you what happened here and kills you before anything else can happen. I tried several time running and fast travel away, he always ended up standing next to me with a killing blow. He is way too OP for a Level 2 player to face. Finally just had to use a ‘kill’ console command to take him out. Great! Now have to take out the chief and other thugs of the same gang, just OP if not more, to rescue a woman. Did so most thoroughly, but several game levels later in Dragonreach, the chief orc was standing next to me again. I had to use console commands again to get rid of him.


Suggestion: This group of orcs should not be in the game at all, or at this time and location. Based on the story told by most, the gang at the campsite is for a part of the action a reasonable enemy. The woman being held should be with the bandits in the remains of Helgen. Also more appropriate as enemies for a Level 2 player. The cart was near Helgen when destroyed.

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Hello @BeenThere2, this is your second post commenting about a mod in particular. I think you want to reply to the already existing threads for these mods (at least that would be the recommended thing to do if that's the case) but instead you're creating new threads in a section for downloads posts. So your threads are out of place and will likely be lost due to the activity of other threads in the same forum section.


To reply to these posts verify you're currently viewing them (for example for Slaverun in SE the existing thread is this one), then scroll to the bottom of the page and write in the designated space. Your reply will be added automatically to the last page of the post.


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