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Inexperienced modder looking to get into modded Skyrim

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Greetings there people, I'm wanting to get into nsfw modded Skyrim but I'm not really sure where to start, what mods to get, how to get them, etc. I've tried to figure it out myself but it was to very limited success, just being rather buggy and crashing occasionally. Could I get some help with this?

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You learn by doing. Pick some mods you like and load them in the CK or X-edit to see how they're structured. Modding comes down to models & textures, animations, and then the scripts and such to make shit happen. First thing I would say you need to learn is file structure and where everything is in your game folder. Don't even worry about trying to learn animations or scripting since those are just simply beyond you right now. Make small changes to things here and there as you can and build from there. Be careful not to do anything that you can't undo because starting all over just fucking sucks. Above all, don't hesitate to ask for help if you're stuck. Whatever you're doing, someone has done before I assure you.

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