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Mod that equip device to PC when enter city.

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On 5/25/2021 at 7:30 PM, decaluka said:

That's pretty dumb, City Bondage's author hid his mods because he got mad that Devious Guard's author made his own similar mod. And now both are gone? That's really stupid

Yes, I Search It Too And Both Missing... Very Unfortunate. They Should Be Complete Each Other.


I'm Looking for "Reverse Version" of their mods.


Locked and Control Plugged Outside The City (During Adventure),

Player Must Report to the Guard for Several Times, or She Get Some Consequences. (If Late, Take of, or Manipulate the Belt/Plug).

Like Regulation/Rules Control For Female Adventure.


Because Very Rare Player Come Into The City Without Reason Except Shopping, Save Rare Item at Home, and Selling Junk Item... it about 10-20% Overall Game Time.

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