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[HELP] Using Tes5edit to make stronger Frenzy rune?

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I am playing a succubus/Illusion based character and want to use the Frenzy Rune from Dragonborn. Problem: it is all but useless as is what with it being capped to only affect up to level 20 characters. I tried to alter the usual suspects in TES5edit (Magnitude, etc) but that only seems to change duration, or charge costs. This is my first time trying to edit Illusion spells and I can't seem to locate an entry that will change the level that the spell will work up to.


Any help appreciated.



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 Havent done it with tes5 edit. In fact i use a combination of SkyTweak and Enemy Enchancer to solve all the balancing issues, and can sincerely recommend it.

Solution for your goal in SkyTweak would be enabling  both illusion enemy level scaling  and illusion duration scaling. So, the higher enemies the enemy level - the shorter the duration, buy you get duration bonus from illusion skill to compensate for that. Almost af if skyrim was an actual RPG, where skills and stats mattered)

 It has ALOT of options, and everything is customizable, can be toggled on and off, tweaked mid flight in runtime.  So id encourage you to give it a go.

Will save you alot of .esp slots as well, since it can replace a ton of small balance mods.

 Only downside is - you still need that .esp slot for it. But, unless you're willing ot change the DG record itself, you need it anyway.

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Thank you, but funny enough I use both mods you recommended already and have it set so spells will work on enemies lvl 100+ but it does not affect this rune sadly. My hand held frenzy spell at this point in game can work up to level 350 enemies, and Mayhem up to 500. I use 'Run DragonBorn Run!' on top of the fore mentioned mods so some enemies do actually get that high with most being at around 200. But the joy of planting a rune and watching the fun just won't happen if its locked at level 20.


Thanks for the reply anyway, its always nice seeing people that like to use mods to make Skyrim a nightmare too haha

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 Not neccecerily nighmare, but i like making it challening. I guess issue could be exactly the extreme level range in question.

Again, not a solution per se, but a possible  workaround - mod Forgotten magic redone comes with a rune spell that has berserk as optional effect.

It also comes with inbuilt option to uncap its illusion effects. You might want to give that one a try, albeit i havent tested it in extreme level ranges you mentioned.

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