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DumDum Moments while modding.

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Today i added one Mod to my game called Beast form Jewelry. I love the many werewolf animations on Sexlab and wanted to use them with my pc even when i am a vampire.  After installing and testing, my character started to hurt himself while attacking. So i de installed it and the same thing happened again. While going trough some of my mods, disabling them, enabling them with no effect something.. Clicked.

Obis adds this nice little Bandits who have a Cloak Spell, when ever you attack them, you guessed it, it hurts you!


But this stupid Situation got me thinking.. What is your DumDum Moment while adding mods to your game? Something that bugged you while trying to figure out what's wrong when, nothing actually was wrong, not with your modlist, load order or the mod itself but just a feature from another mod or a little, tiny thing that would have been alright after doing something simple like reinstall a mod or run a Program like Wyrebash/Fnis ect.?



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It has been so long since I started modding that I can not recall anything particularly foolish that I have done.


Typically if something goes wrong, it is a technical mishap and something needs to simply be re-installed (like the entire game as I had to after the anti-virus program on my previous rig deleted all of my Bethesda Games Studio titles as if they were malware). My most recent playthrough of Skyrim Special Edition has been almost completely flawless (almost due to bugs in the mod The Brotherhood of Old which I found workaround for and script lag caused by the more intense Sexlab interactive scenes involving multiple actors in Cocksmen Village).


I would say that installing someone else's mod load order when playing a game for the first time using the Wabbajack tool would qualify but that is not my personal mishap. I have run into people who attempt advanced modding on their initial playthrough plenty of times on the Steam forums, however. 

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I once thought my entire load order got nuked, because I kept loading into vanilla skyrim.


After like 2 hours, I finally got the brilliant idea to, listen carefully, CHECK MY PLUGIN LIST. Turns out, the mod manager had disabled everything for some reason. I dunno if it was a failsafe-sort of thing for an update to something, but re-enabling everything got me going like nothing had happened.

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