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I hope I am doing the right. I downloaded some CC earlier and now when you Click on the wicked whims menu the the naturism submenu is missing and when they go to woohoo their clothes stay on. I checked he settings in wickedwhims. Then I did the WW.fix and the WW.fix_sim_nude_outfit. I looked and saw that I was on v166.1 and upgraded to v166.2. I also tried The Sims 4 lastException Assistant and then I removed all the items CC I could remember downloading and still had the same issue. Oh and I had the same sim take a shower and they did take their clothes off for that. So I don’t know what’s left to do. Thank you in advance for your help- 




Also let me know if I can send you anything else, or if I need to post this to a different place.



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10 hours ago, Mwsj678 said:

I removed the most recent cc furniture I downloaded and it still isn't working.

lastException_63757300920.txt 19.4 kB · 1 download

Posture Graph Error

Base game or Modification issue with the animations system.

A Sim failed to generate path connectivity required to adjust posture for a task to perform.

This specific error was caused by not being able to access an object to pick up. Perhaps positioning of objects at the lot is causing problems with Sims pathing.

If this error doesn't stop occurring, look into recently placed custom objects and remove them. Otherwise you're safe to ignore this error.

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