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Hi there,


I'm usually just a silent user on here but I've just had an idea for a mod that I think is unique, if it's not feel free to take this down.


The idea is to have a plant creature, that will apprehend the player and initiate sex with the use of vine appendages (Estrus may be able to aid with this), it is not bipedal, or humanoid like a Spriggan, it is literally a plant; this creature will behave very patiently and will not pursue a player if it is within that players field of view, once the player is looking away however, the plant will immediately take action and begin to hunt the player, becoming motionless once again when observed, if the player turns fast enough, they may be able to spot it moving just before it stops.


The player may also trigger an event by stepping on the plant, even if the plant wasn't pursuing them to begin with


By design the plant will have a central bulb surrounded by dark green leaves, when inactive or in motion, the bulb will remain closed, it's exterior a slightly brighter green to aid in its camouflage, but when active having caught the player, the bulb will open revealing rich pink petals on the interior; a hole at the base of the plant is where the vines protrude from.


MCM settings:

Set whether the plant will only pursue the player or NPC's, or if it will pursue both with an equal chance of either (NPC hunters beware...).

Set whether the plant will only attack based on an adjustable minimum player/NPC arousal (0 for disabled, 1 for attack very often, 100 for attack extremely rarely).

Set the speed at which the plant will become aroused once more (measured in seconds from arousal 1-100), this will determine how quickly the plant will begin hunting again after just finishing an attack (longer cooldowns are advised if you will to flee effectively once escaping or being released).

Set the value the plant must be aroused to begin an attack.

Set whether the player can be eaten (vore) by the plant (Not a fan myself, so I don't know what would happen in this scenario, if the player is killed or spat out?).

Set whether the player will receive a bottle of milk from MME.


Possible Supported Mods:

Milk Mod Economy - The plant is able to milk the player, providing it's playing a breast sucking animation.

Devious Devices - New plant-based restraints, none have locks for keys or picks, but all can be cut fairly easily (If disabling keys and picks is a limitation of DD, then it's fine if they stay, we'll just have to lose a little immersion is all).

Sexlab Parasites - A small bulb is placed inside and begins to grow.

Sexlab Pheromones - Plants are fragrant, it makes sense that you'd begin to smell of sweet nectar.
Cursed Loot - Some enemies and chests will carry small bombs containing dormant plants, triggering one will equip a plant-based restraint instead of a normal one (will likely require Devious Devices).

Maybe more, I can't think of any though...

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