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Sometimes when I try to rotate an object in the CK, the object doesnt rotate on its own axis but behaves as if I had another item somewhere else selected - the axis for rotation is defined behind the object - which causes my CK to crash. It doesnt always happen though frequently enough to annoy me and getting thrown back up to 10min every time it happens stacks up to quite a lot of time

Someone knows whats causing this and/or how to avoid it? (maybe even how to fix it?)

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It seems that when deleting an object in the editor (either by cutting or deleting it), the CK does remove the item but does not negate the selection in some instances (not sure which), causing you to keep the deleted item selected

When then placing a new Item in the world, the selection may still be active and when trying to rotate, the CK also attempts to rotate the still-selected, deleted object which obviously throws an error causing the CK to crash


Unselect all (default on "D") apparently allows you to avoid this issue

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