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SG Female Textures Renewal


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I'm honestly quite confused.... its this mod



Which directs me to this for download http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/35267


But as I install it, it uses the default nude body for females instead of the one shown in the blog? What did I do wrong? Is there anything I can do to show you to help you out?


Wait.... I'm not even sure anymore. While I was making this thread I noticed another link that I overlooked. http://skyrim.2game.info/detail.php?id=27215#id27215


And number 42 reply from santa himself..

こんにちは。...Sorry, I don't speak Japanese.

It's Hello Santa from Nexus the very author of this mod. I've hidden this mod because there will be a custom race using my updated textures. Please wait for the release :)

p.s; I've never opened the file since the day the file was hidden away, there must be a misunderstand on your part.


How long ago was that? Coz i'm looking forward to it x.x Anyone else knows more than I do?

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SG Textures Female Renewal Conversion for CHSBHC V2?
to all body texture modder, defense would be willing to explain to convert this texture in CHSBHC V2? I personally like the pussy-hair texture, this texture package but I can not use because it's CBBE V3!
I would be very happy if someone would make.

here is the link:http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/35267


german \ deutsch !


SG Female Textures Renewal konvertierung für CHSBHC V2 ?
an alle körper textur modder , wehr würde sich bereiterklären diese textur in CHSBHC V2 zu konvertieren ? mir persöhnlich gefällt die pussy-haar textur , aber ich kann dieses texturpaket nicht verwenden denn es ist CBBE V3 !
ich würde mich sehr freuen , wenn es jemand machen würde .



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