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KW Animations Not Registering

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Very frustrating. While I do have some animations registered in KW, others simply are not recognized. I'd rather not delete my saved game and start over. Any suggestions on how to fix this?



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22 minutes ago, CHboom! said:

Animations not working had been working well? Did they stop to work suddenly?

That's the weird thing. Animation that I do have registered seem to work fine. (I have 5 installed) It won't register any new animations. In this case I'm trying to add Clydie's updated file and OLLCity's as well

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59 minutes ago, ErinC7214 said:

I'm trying to add Clydie's updated file and OLLCity's as well

Once you have both animation files (KW and OKW) for each set in your mod folder and started the game, use the names I provided in the txt file what comes with the OKW ZIP.

For Clydie it is kw_clydie_anims and OllCity it should be kw_ollcity_anims to register them in the KW animations menu.

Good luck !

Best way to register anything in KW: Switch Sims 3 into the window mode, open the file explorer besides the sims 3 window and just copy/paste the animations file name (not OKW file name) without .package into the corresponding place in the KW menu.


But if you had such animations registered already earlier, no need to register them again,  just replace the OKW files and start the game.


Do you get a message from KW what mean something like "no animations found" ? Then the animations are not copied properly into your mod folder or you did not enter/copy in the correct animations name.

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