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[REQUEST] [SE] Script editor wanted for existing mod (Breakable Equipment System)

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Hello there!


I recently found the mod breakable equipment system and I'm loving it. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23686. But I have a small issue with this mod. When an item breaks, this mod equips a dummy armor placeholder to prevent the player from equiping armor during combat. After combat, the armor placeholders are automaticly unequiped. The dummy armor has 2 issues for me:

1.) I use custom textures on my character and when the 'BES Naked'-armor is equiped, the hands, feet, face and/or body textures will not show the custom textures but instead a texture that looks like vanilla.

2.) I would like to use this mod with the yamete-defeat mod. Where after several armor pieces are broken, you get knocked down. But since breakable equipment system equips another armor piece in combat after the original armor piece has been broken down, it is impossible to make this work.


I tried browsing in the script files and found an OnUpdate method in bes_playerscript.psc that checks if combat has ended, and then unequip the placeholder armor pieces. I could not find any script that adds them.


I'm have no experience with making and editing mods so I could just miss something. I tried fiddling around with the creation kit and this mod but I have no idea what I am doing and I got a ton of not found errors.


My request is if someone is willing to take the time and edit the script so that BES doesn't add the 'BES Naked'- armor placeholder and just leave my character alone after breaking and unequiping. I would really appreciate it if someone is willing to spend some time on that. 


Thanks you very much for reading!^^

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