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  1. Hello there! I recently found the mod breakable equipment system and I'm loving it. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23686. But I have a small issue with this mod. When an item breaks, this mod equips a dummy armor placeholder to prevent the player from equiping armor during combat. After combat, the armor placeholders are automaticly unequiped. The dummy armor has 2 issues for me: 1.) I use custom textures on my character and when the 'BES Naked'-armor is equiped, the hands, feet, face and/or body textures will not show the custom textures but instead a tex
  2. Ok, I got a really strange problem and I can't figure it out. So I decided to install this mod again (on my current playthough save), and like last time, I really like it. Everything works fine, except for one thing. All the restrains won't show up on my character. But, when I add them manually via console or additemmenu, they are showing up on my character! I've tried changing my load order, first installing devious devices load skyrim, save, close, then cursed loot, manually made meshes folder for bodyslide... nothing seems to work. I use yiffy age, can that
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