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A gentleman's ship by Ima

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A gentleman's ship by Ima

■ Overview
Add one ship.
BBB compatible equipment is included here.

■ Features

・ All types such as painful and non-painful are included.

"Do not use if you don't like painful equipment"

 I can't get any other equipment for that (well, if you do
Please get it from the console)

-The box has a respawn attribute, so you can get as many as you want.

・ Compared to the gentleman's house, we are dieting a few polygons and sharpening the angle.

・ The milking machine has been changed slightly, so I wondered if it became even more erotic ...

■ Installation
Keep the unzipped file in the data folder with the folder structure
please put it in.
Well, I may add items, so I have not made it in OBM format.
Also, as for icons and texts, it is used together with a certain gentleman's house, so
It overlaps with a certain gentleman's house, but even if you do not overwrite it
It's OK.
However, it is required if you want to include only this mod.

■ Location
It's floating near Anvil.
Well, there is a map marker so you can see it right away.
I haven't set any keys, so I'll just put them in.

■ Latest update contents
2010/09/14 Added work clothes for a cheerful daughter
Added an icon to the Human Bone system

■ Restrictions
I haven't made a color change this time, but I'm in a gentleman's house.
I think that it can be changed by text (just replace the file), so that
Please use Nifskope etc. by yourself.
Also, the items that are not on the ship this time are not included because they are not swaying equipment.
When I tried to import it into Blender to shake it again, it gave me an error.
Equipment is also omitted.

Later, in the original HGEC Manga for BBB, the gloss is set to 40, which is quite shiny.
I felt it was too much, so I set the gloss to 10.
Therefore, if you use the original HGEC Manga for BBB, you may feel a sense of discomfort in the gloss.
In this case, please correct it by yourself with Nifskope etc.
(It's a good idea to attach something that has just been changed in gloss to the author without notice.
I think)

■ About SS
I just changed it so that it shakes, so I have not added it.
Please feel free to post the SS.

■ Why are you in such a place?
No, after all it is on the sea that it shakes w

■ Other
I am not responsible for any misfortune to the public that occurs with this mod.
Redistribution is basically prohibited.
Please refrain from reprinting on template wikis, gentlemen's rest areas, etc.
This is maintenance and support up to the point where it was distributed without permission other than I distributed
Because I can't finish it.
I can't figure out that much.
This time, we will maintain and support only the amount raised to this roda.
"I don't bother with that. I'll do the maintenance and support here.
It ’s up and it ’s not going to come out as it is.
I will follow you responsibly here. "
If there is a person who says, you can reprint only that person.
You are free to modify it or incorporate it into other mods, but this is also out of maintenance.
If you have any request, please write it in the thread so I can see it
We will fix the KITZ bug.
Also, if there is something that I think "Oh? That's good", as much as I can
I would like to respond.
You are free to incorporate meshes and tex into your mod,
It is not possible to follow up to the incorporated MOD.
If you have a mesh or tex built in, follow it yourself

[About the translation]
This ESP might be translated and there be hardly recycled what.
Because it is an item name and place name title.
However, please do maintenance and the support of MOD for the translation in the translation when it is translated even so.
If the condition can be defended, you may freely distribute the translation thing again.
(However, Japanese translates into words other than Japanese, and translates and doesn't admit the distribution quibble
 such as freedom again because the translation thing.) Moreover, only the thing written in Japanese corresponds in that
 case though it corresponds if the support is necessary by all means.
It is assumed that other languages were not seen at all and doesn

■ I don't care
It's a secret that LoversBorn is tired of adding and developing NPCs and running away to the side streets.
Because ... I don't know which race and Yar, so NPCs for children of all races
I have to add ... ^^;
Besides, if you don't add some kinds, you can only get pregnant once (same face)
Thing ...

■ Credit
Female EyeCandy --Body Replacer v1.0 by Exnem
HGEC manga Body


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