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bug in shape male , skin detail?nipples male? double?top?

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I have the same bug all of a sudden. I didn't have this one before. I don't know what it is. I removed all my CC from the game and it's still there.
It didn't change anything so I put my CC back in. Before that it worked and I didn't download anything new.


He's nude but I can remove something on tops that I don't see or have selected.

And changing the anatomy of Wicked doesn't help either.


Here is a CC Skin:







And this is the normal Maxis skin and I still have this bug that it is deformed ?

And I can still remove a top that isn't there






Edit: It is now fixed for a sim. I set the roles back to male in WW, I had default before.

It's gone that I can take off an invisible top if they were already naked. Now its only when I take off tops they are actually wear.

I had removed all CC from the game again, also WW, and repaired my game, but unfortunately it's still there, I have no idea what's causing it.




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