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Armor Race skin Texture Re-mapping

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I'm trying something odd, and I'm not sure it is even possible, but I hope some more experienced modders could let me know if it is just a pipe dream.


I would like to make a piece of equipment that uses the misc biped slot 60, but have it's texture change based on the race.


I know that for the vanilla races I can just make separate armor add-on records for each race and map the texture directly. That is fine, but I would like to make it work with custom races using the "default race" for the armor race selection.


I can achieve that by setting the biped slot to 32, but that obviously makes the body vanish.


Is there a way I can take advantage of Skyrim's automatic racial skin remapping to change the texture, without having the equipment occupy slot 32?

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Is there a way to set part of the armor as skin without setting it to the body 32 slot?


My goal is to be able to wear something like the fur armor, which has the base body exposed, and thus occupying slot 32, then equip this new mesh that also uses the body/skin textures and by placing it in slot 60 not have any part of the fur armor mesh change.


But the way I've been doing that now, the texture doesn't update to match the race the way the slot 32 items will.

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8 hours ago, Macross. said:

Is there a way I can take advantage of Skyrim's automatic racial skin remapping to change the texture, without having the equipment occupy slot 32?

Nope. Automatic skin remapping simply checks the skin texture assigned in the ArmorAddon for the corresponding slot (if any) of the race's naked skin and force-loads it if it can find it. This requires said base AA to exist in the first place, so you would need whatever race you're using to have a dummy AA with an assigned skin texture on the same equip slot as your item for its texture to be loaded on your item.

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Ah, thank you for that explanation. I assumed the slot 32 remapping was a hardcoded engine feature; wasn't thinking that it was based on the race's naked skin armor. Adding a dummy AA with that texture does let it re-map correctly, but has the same effect of making the entire rest of the body vanish on equip.


Ah well, I've been working on an entirely different system that works much better with custom races, it is just time consuming to build the groundwork, so I was trying to find a quick workaround for the existing method.

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