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Let's expand the bestial lore of Oblivion!

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As you may have guessed, I like to be extremely thorough in whatever project I work upon. I like to make sure that what I work upon is adaptive and has no (or little to no) conflicts with other works.  For example, when I bring up the subject of cum from the other races, I actually fall back upon LoversCrowningIsles whereby the player actively (HAHAHA) takes a course racial cum flavors. Granted, the mod excluded the beast races. But the LoversVoiceSSP describes Argonian cum as burning.


So with that out of the way, let's consider all the varieties of creatures we encounter in Oblivion.  And yes, this can include custom creatures from other mods that are compatible with the Lovers with PK system (ergo, they can fuck).


Below in the spoiler, I have a list of all the creature types and their typical return value used by the LAPF system, though expanded to handle LoversCreatures monsters.


All viable Lovers Skeletons



201 - Baliwog
202 - Bear
203 - Boar
204 - Clannfear
205 - Daedroth
206 - Deer
207 - Dog
208 - Elytra
209 - Flame Atronach
210 - Flesh Atronach
211 - Frost Atronach
212 - Gatekeeper
213 - Ghost
214 - Gnarl Dementia
215 - Gnarl Mania
216 - Goblin
217 - Grummite
218 - Horse
219 - Hunger
220 - Imp
221 - Jyllylag
222 - Land Dreugh
223 - Lich
224 - Mehrunes Dagon
225 - Minotaur
226 - Mountain Lion
227 - Mudcrab
228 - Murk Dweller / Scalon
229 - Ogre
230 - Rat
231 - Scamp
232 - Shambles
233 - Sheep
234 - Skeleton
235 - Slaughterfish
236 - Spider Daedra
237 - Spriggan
238 - Storm Atronach
239 - Troll
240 - Will O The WIsp
241 - Wraith
242 - Xivilai
243 - Zombie
301 - Hitode
302 - Mushroom
303 - Tentacle Monster


Now some of these are kinda basic as many animal-types already exist in our world, the dog, mountain lion, etc. And there is enough relative fiction for those unaware of their practices.


So what is this topic for?


Here, you can give some input on creatures mating habits and properties.  Do Imps have a watery or thick ejaculation (or its flavor if BJ is possible).  You can suggest how gnarly a goblin's shaft or leathery a flesh atronach's va-jay-jay is.  But more than that!!!!


Here, you can also create a list of LAPF compatible creatures.  To do that, you would note what skeleton type it uses, and a body mesh it employs. And its mating habits of course too.  For example, one could add some creatures like a water nymph or Tsaesci . A couple examples I wrote follow...


I was being quite creative, the only necessities being skeleton, body model and a 'basic' description.  I just loved adding flavor-text to them... even making something possibly lore-friendly?  Don't let my entries stop you from adding your own:


Yes, before you ask, only Bears, Boars and Dogs have Blowjob animatics.

But this could later be expanded...


* === * === * === * === *


Soul of a Whore
Skeleton:         303 - Tentacle Monster
Body Model:   crmainbody.nif
From:              LoversCrowningIsles

This hermaphroditic bitch is as horny as fuck.  She'll screw anyone she encounters and never seems to get tired or sore.  Her thick shaft is always erect and will burrow in deep. Since she ruts with anything she sees, her cum is thin and watery. And those forced to give her oral gratification will say it lacks any flavor, as if it is not but water itself.



Skeleton:         230 - Rat
Body Model:   gbmgangchong
From:              LoversGGBlackmail

No longer seen in the lands since the purge of 2E 581, the great campaign to rid Tamriel of this blight, these things have but one goal and that is to rape and breed.  It is widely accepted that the Daedric Prince of Domination himself spitefully created these six-legged horrors since the peoples of Tamriel halted his quest to dominate Nirn during the Plane Meld, his one great failure. These monstrosities were known to hunt in packs merely to rape any and all of Tamriel's folk. Their one and only drive, to breed.


Visibly, there is no outward distinction between Kayakie, either male or female. Outwardly, all are the same and all have an instinctual, if not unnatural, drive to mate. Even among the females, the ability to produce semen does exist.  While one may  assume the females would constantly be gravid or pursued by the males, this is in fact  not so.  However, all kayakie are driven to great fervor when they sense anyone to violate nearby.


During such an attack, they will always throw their hapless victim to its knees. And what many would have viewed as a muscular, prehensile tail, the victim will find was in fact a penis. Woe for those who face this thing. As any opening will do, these vile things have nearly choked some victims to death, their powerful legs wrapped around a maiden's head while its shaft pistoning within the shocked girl's mouth. Thick with seed the Kayakie's essence is said to be, and filled with sulfur as a testimony to their origin in Cold Harbour.


Eons has it been since they were last seen. And to any who do, they must be destroyed at all cost.

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