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Annette Birkin Nude Mod Resident Evil 2 Remake

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Annette Birkin Nude Mod Resident Evil 2 Remake

Install using Fluffy Manager 5000 by FluffyQuack (www.youtube.com/fluffyquack)

you can extract and manually install it in the game directory, but it is not guaranteed to work

Tested in steamVersion, Route 1 Claire


ps: if you find any bug that is not working the cutscene, I recommend removing the mod temporarily, I will see if there is any fix
There’s a little glitch on Annette’s chin, I hope it’s not so inconvenient, the mod isn’t perfect, but it’s the best I could do


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    Fluffy Manager 5000 by FluffyQuack


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6 hours ago, Kamivax said:

finally, why did annette take so long? the oldest nude mods for RE2 Remake i know of are about 2 years old.

it's curious, right? there is a nude mod for the mangakadeniz annette, but it was in a complete pack with the other characters (ada & claire), and this mod is paid,  50 $, here in my country that has a fucked up local currency, 50 $ is a lot of money , then I had to invent myself somehow

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