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Problem with animations of male PNJ.

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Well, after hours of searching, I am completely stuck : I use the mod Defeat and I made some tests to see if I install correctly with my female character. However, when my PC is down and trigger the next animation, the sex animation work on my PC but not on the agressor.


For exemple : I let my PC knock down by a troll and then my character (Victim) do the animation of sexual assault but the troll stay idle. I do an another test with giant and same result.


I am using MO2, I already generate with FNIS and register the animations with SLAL.


Thanks in advance for helping me.


PS : Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my birth language.


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1 hour ago, Nimius said:

Maybe a skeleton issue... Try to change the meshes in creature framework.

If it doesn't work you can try one of these






I try both and it didn't work.


EDIT : I am just an idiot, I forgot to install FNIS Creature Pack and it works fine. Sorry and thanks you.

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