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[HRT] Earrings V2 - Pearl and Link Earrings

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[HRT] Earrings V2 - Pearl and Link Earrings

This is a mod for Enlit3d's Heroine Rescue Team (HRT) 

For how to get the game and how to use the mod see here : How to mod Enlit3d's HRT

Have a look to all the other mods for HRT: Overview of mods for Heroine Rescue Team




There are 2 versions to this mod that all have different earrings in them, please read the descriptions and look at the pictures to see which ones you want. The MEGA links are still active if you wish to download the mods from those spots too. At this time, I am no longer taking requests.


What are the point of ears if you don't have earrings to dangle from them? Hearing your enemies coming from behind? Hah! Don't make me laugh! To finally give ears a reason for their existence, I present to you... Earrings!


Version 2.0: Pearls & Multi-part Earrings

After many hours of bug fixing... the multi-part earrings are still buggy! But rather than hold off on this version I figured I would give it to you guys anyways! :D

r/enlit3dGames - Earrings

Left to Right: Large Pearl Earrings, Pearl Earrings, Link Earrings (Multi-part earrings)

Instead of calling them "multi-part earrings" which is jarring even to say, I decided over the name Link Earrings (as wonderfully suggested by Jester & Mike W). I also not so secretly sneaked in the slave collar in the third image which has yet to be released. :P

Item Ids: SS_large_pearl_earrings, SS_pearl_earrings, SS_link_earrings

Here is the link: https://mega.nz/#!TxcWmKAS!VoN6rRPAo6Cr3GzcCjfy4ixrdIjH3aCH9bb-vpZDdKU


I am always welcome to suggestions, criticisms and comments! It is how we modders get better! :D

Splikstick, signing off!


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