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Why are Activemod textures for "DeArmas Dress104" glossy?

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I recently downloaded (not sure from where) "DeArmas Dress104". I wanted to create an Activemod texture for it, but every AM texture displays as "glossy"... WITHOUT HOOK. In fact, I must run VX with Hook 5 just to get the gloss/shine to go away! ?


The default/stock texture of the Addon is NOT glossy, but EVERY texture applied using Activemod results in a chrome-like shine. :classic_huh: Room doesn't matter. Same result in Customizer.


Shine is exactly the same in OpenGL mode and DirectX mode without Hook. I've never seen anything like this. This is just a plain texture. No TXF file or pass/bump files (adding those files doesn't help.) What's causing the gloss? Is there a way to turn it off? (pics 2, 3 & 4 are my new texture, but I tried others, all with the same result.) Bizarre!



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Since it's a recent download, I don't want to reupload someone else's work (particularly if it's already here), so I've uploaded it to my cloud (including my "Workout" texture) here:




If no one claims the Addon as theirs or provides an existing download link, I'll upload it "officially".




PS: Tested/confirmed using an unmodded totally stock copy of VX. Addon is a txx file.

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First off: the dress addon doesn't seem to have Active Mod support. I dont use Hook and adding the AM folder  did not add an extra entry in my clothes menu
Secondly: i dont "get" the shiny effect.


But looking at the \Scenes]\Shared\Cloth\R9Dress104.bs source code, the same texture file is used as diffuse, reflection and ambient shader.
That is highly unusual.


My guesstimate is that the ShaderPhong.Reflection line is the one that is responsible for your problem.
Just comment it out (add a double slash // at the start of the line) and see what happens.


ShaderPhong :local_R9Dress104_PHONG . {
    ShaderPhong.Color ShaderTexture :local_R9Dress104_SHADERTEX;
    ShaderPhong.Ambient ShaderTexture :local_R9Dress104_SHADERTEX;
    ShaderPhong.Reflection ShaderTexture :local_R9Dress104_SHADERTEX;
    ShaderPhong.Material RenderMaterial :local_PHONGMAT000;

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