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Cubman's Sex Bomb Photo Studio LOT

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Cubman's Sex Bomb Photo Studio LOT

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Hi guys


Following a good few requests, I present the Sex Bomb Photo Studio.  It's a community lot featuring 4 different photo areas (2 outside), a changing/make-up room, a locker room with showers and an office.


The office leads to a small apartment in the basement with a private bathroom, single bunk bed (with desk and computer), a small workout area, kitchen and living area.  Sims can't "move in" as it isn't a residential lot, but I had my Sim travel there, lock the door to the office so only he can go in, and is technically living there.


I created this originally for my Sims, so it is play tested in game - and will require pretty much all Game, Stuff and Expansion packs.


It's a pretty large file, and there is a serious amount of CC in here (see the attached CC1 - CC4 screenshots).  Rather than pick out and chose what is or isn't still available from the hundreds of sites I use, it's presented here in all it's glory (otherwise it would pretty much just be an empty shell full of Cubman CC lol).  If anyone has issues with the included CC, please let me know and I shall remove the items and reupload the lot.


In the Zip file, there's a folder for Mods - they go in your Mods folder.  All Blueprint, BPI and Tray files go in your Tray folder.  The Lot should appear in your gallery - remember to select the contains CC checkbox or it won't show up.  But if you have any problems, just drop me a message - happy to help 


Thanks to everyone who took time to DM me, it's great to hear from you!  I'd love to see some of the shots your photographer Sims have taken!


Take care 




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  • 2 years later...

Just downloaded this and got all the files in the correct place and tried to place the lot but it's not working.  It says the lot size in 999x999 and costs $999,999,999 with a lot type of "ok" (I've had this before when trying to place a AEP studio), any ideas what the issue might be or what I've done wrong?




PS - Love your stuff Cubman!

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