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Siblings can flirt with each other, with parents, etc.

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4 hours ago, whydoihavetodothis14 said:

uhhh i was messing around with the settings and idk WHAT i did cuz now my family can flirt with each other. i stopped my teens from being able to flirt with the parents, but now my teen kids can flirt with each other..... so if anyone has a solution to this please lmk!!

WW Settings/Relationship Settings:
/Personality Settings:(Your Choice)
/Attractiveness Settings: (Your Choice)
Open Relationships: ON (Cheating)
Romance Age:ON (OFF by default.. Now requires game restart after changing)

(This allows Romance/WW Sex between Teens & Adults, not for family if Incest is OFF) 

Cheats: Desire Switch: ON, Global Jealousy: (Your Choice), Global Incest: OFF


If you want certain sims only to have family relations you can give them the Incest Attribute instead.

Click on Sim > Wicked > Personalization > Attributes > Give Attributes 

Other WW Traits are in the same menu


If you have MCCC/Woohoo installed it also has these settings for EA vanilla woohoo.


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