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Bodyslide does not fix? [solved]

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After a search, you will find the Bodyslides for this armor  NinjaGA 1.0.0  , without finding it anywhere






Following the various NIND tutorials, I decided to try to generate the Bodyslide . For the creation, all right, I generated the Bodyslides and, they worked perfectly in Bodyslide. From here on, problems start to arise


I start by saying that, already in origin, the nif have errors . I solved this quickly





Any other operation I perform in OS, the problem persists . I think it's a question of weights me, I have no idea how to solve them.



















Some idea ?




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Since that area is fully covered by the outfit you don't really need the body underneath it as it just adds weight to the nif as well as cause clipping in some poses and stuff. So the best option is to zap the body out from underneath the outfit just make sure to watch so that you don't zap past the edges of the outfit. Also don't zap in areas where there is transparency as that'll cause holes where the transparency is.


For transparent spots use the increase/decrease options in outfit studios.  Also make sure if you use the increase mesh option on a outfit piece to make sure that area is all one piece otherwise you'll get gaps in your outfit.


Load nif into outfit studios click on the body and then in the tabs select decrease mesh volume option.  Do sweeping mouse movements while clicking the left mouse button 

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