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Some CBBE (SMP) outfits don't match body in game and in BodySlide

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I'm having an issue where some mods don't morph the body along with the clothing. More specifically, the body is stuck at the skinny preset while the clothing is properly scaled. This occurs at both 0 and 100 slider settings, as seen here. Note that this effect also occurs in game so it's not just a simple visual bug.






I am using Mod Organizer 2, with this version of CBBE SMP. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29023

I have all the requirements of the above mod. The load order for those mods is as follows:







I did some debugging myself and disabled all mods except CBBE, CBBE Bodyslide, CBBE SMP and the issue still occurs.



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1 hour ago, anjenthedog said:

I usually see that behavior when the preset I'm using is for a different body type, OR the armor/clothing uses a different reference body

It's not the preset. I reset to zero sliders and tweaked them, nothing changed for the new ones added or the standard ones.

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