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Advice on Skyrim Modpacks/Mods Installation pack/Guide for stable and Good looking Skyrim Journey?

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Coming back to playing Skyrim after many years.


Years ago I had a very low end laptop and was a beginner in downloading mods and applying it to the base game.( Which I learn now is the Legendary Edition ). And also basic knowledge in computer stuff.


So straight to the points:


  • My  current system is Lenovo Y740 Laptop Intel i709750H, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB and 32 GB RAM 1333HZ DDR4 and SSD.


  • Basic google Search for my question leads me to "Ultimate Skyrim" for Legendary Edition and "ESO Skyrim site" for Special Edition .
    • Which one will work best with the adult stuff from Loverslab?
    • Should I try the Heavy mods version from ESO with my system?
    • Has anyone here Tried either one?


  • Any other place that I can try as guide or mod packs?


  • And after the above stuff is there a guide for the adult stuff in this site too? Is the Index post up to date with the mods in this site?


  • Coming back after some time and I reading some posts that I should not install all possible mods that I like since there is a technical limit to how many mods can one use at a time, So that is why I want advice on a guide with good looking Skyrim and new gameplay with minimum crashes and some adult stuff too.


I hope now all of you can understand basically what I am asking the advice on. I want to be sure before hand so that after multiple days of downloading and installing all the mods I want to play the actual game and don't want to troubleshoot as to why is everything crashing? I do enjoy the process but I want to play the game this time around.

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IDk about mod packs, imagine they are problematic. I would advise you install mods individually. Start with simple bug fix mods and install mods for you characters looks and get that right first, with some decent testing. I think the biggest problem users have is they try to throw 150+ mods in LO and they have problems and have no idea where to start. Get your base solid first with 30 mods or so and test, if you have problems it's a lot easier finding solutions when you have 30 something mods, 

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You'll probably want to start with something like this




Regarding hardware and the ceiling of mod numbers.. that does vary a little bit and stability depends more on the mix than numbers. Keep track of whether a mod has a heavy script load (not number total, but how many run at once/often - does it run a script when talking to a specific NPC? OK - 5 second intervals to update something? Heavy).


The problem with mod packs is that the authors of the pack do not update them as often as the mods are, so you're likely to use an old version of the mod and you might not know where they got that mod since there are mod pirates out there stealing mods, potentially changing them, and then passing them off as their own.  You're better off getting the mods yourself so that A) you know where they came from (and where to go for support) B) you know what you have and can follow the modder's directions for install and C) you can pick and choose what you want, removing what you find you do not like and adding others you do.  The mod pack won't have everything you like and nothing you don't so you will be installing some mods by hand anyway.  Once you learn how, adding another is not hard.


Lastly... I'm getting on my soap box here, but... if you want a game that just runs out of the box, get a console.  PC games and modded games in particular take some work. You're going to have to get used to that idea. The game studio and mod pack authors are not going to just give you everything on a silver platter and I would say that more people that like modded games like the modding process than those that just want free DLC.  You could go to bethesda NET (whatever their address is) and buy/download mods from there, but that won't be niche, non-mainstream stuff like LL hosts so the fact that you are here means you have the mind, the interest, (and I optimistically think) the talent, to download and install mods.  It isn't that hard, there will be some trial and error, and you'll feel better for having done it yourself.

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  • 1 year later...

That sounds like a decent labtop for some gaming.


Having said that, I would avoid the mod packs you just listed.

In fact just avoid mod packs like the plague.


Your laptop is good dont get me wrong however your PC wont be pushing the sorts of textures that a lot of "modpacks" want to pack into their pack.


Yes you have a good graphics card, might even be able to push some 1440p in some games and get good enough frame rates talking at least over 60 frames in SkyrimSE, but if you go and put a lot of high resolution mod packs in your LO, prepare to cry a lot as you tank your FPS and wonder wtf happened?


Something that I have had a hard time explaining to non-techno geeks is the resolution, we have 3 popular resolution scenarios in todays modern gaming.

We have the following,

1080p  <-----Almost all gamers play in this resolution

2K aka 1440p <-----About 8% of gamers

4K aka 2166p <-----4% of gamers play in this resolution and they typically have a flagship graphics card 3090 or 4080/4090 RTX card.


We also have some off the wall resolutions that are all mostly "2k" such as "Ultrawide" and by Ultrawide I mean very wide screen gaming monitor, these are mid range resolution with insane wide screens some of these are about 4-5 feet wide!  Costly too more so than a decent 4K monitor in almost all cases, for a good one at least.


Alright so what does all that even mean?

Well a 1440p is about 4 screens worth of 1080p displayed....4K is about the same increase from 2K.

Guess what texture packs are meant for which?

OF course using a higher res texture pack can lead to better image on lower end display because the graphics card will downsample the texture dynamically, however you pay the cost in performance and it gets costly on lower end GPU especially when considering how many mods we as modders tend to use....About 100-250 gigs worth of mods on typical load order.


That all said you are better off sticking with a texture pack size that is similar to your display settings so that you dont end up losing precious performance power for eye candy....Which in a modded load order is like telling an alcoholic to practice temperance ><




Coming back to Skyrim myself, actually already have my new Load Order working,


I basically concentrated on overhauling the game systems,

So I would suggest everything by EnaiSiaion, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/users/3959191?tab=user+files


Ordinator, overhauls the skill system

Wintersun, adds religion

Imperious, adds better racials

Growl, overhauls the werewolves

Sacrosanct, overhauls the vampires


There are tons more mods by Enaisiaon, very well done scripted mods and you cannot go wrong just outright downloading an installing almost all of them....In about any version of Skyrim on any PC or even Xbox.


Then after that....

Overhaul the actual way animations work in the game and enjoy better combat,

Easy method, just follow a Mern Guide, 



That will make the combat totally new,


IF you are willing to spend $1 for better magic animation behavior....I suggest "Inquisitor Magic Behavior" V4.2 or better.


MCO should work with the latest version of Skyrim SE, however if not


SkyrimSE unofficial 1.5.6 Unoffical Patch, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/266?tab=files&file_id=209150


SkyrimSE unofficial downgrader, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/57618 or here for another one https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/61756


That downloads the game from Steam at that particular version number, handy because almost all the amazing mods mostly support that one only or also provide support for that version number plus the current one.


My advice is to concentrate on getting the gameplay loop modernized and from there everything else is gravy.



If you go with this combat overhaul or another combat overhaul....There are a few such as "SkySA" also amazing pick....You want a great mod manager and the one with the least issues for a total combat overhaul is Mod Organizer 2.


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